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Effects of globalization on the politics of China Essay

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“Arguably globalization has served China’s communist rulers well. ” (Yahuda China’s Win-Win Globalization) On the political front too, Chinese rulers welcomed globalization rather used it as a tool for the fulfillment of their own purposes. It was suspected that globalization would throw the communist rule out of the country once globalization had set foot firmly in the cultural and economic roots. However, it proved far from it, in fact it promoted the communist rule since all the well balanced economic growth took place in their era and reinforced the existing rulers.

The communist party has faced the challenges bravely and tackled them skillfully in order to prove themselves. “It has accomplished three significant generational changes of leadership – from the heroic founding fathers, to the technocratic Soviet-educated engineers of the generation of Jiang Zemin and Li Peng, and now to the next technocratic generation, headed by Hu Jintao. ” (Yahuda China’s Win-Win Globalization) The political front of China has been altogether revolutionized and as its foreign policy.

The altered foreign policy has strengthened its international relations and has improved its position which was highly essential for supporting and continuing it’s the success of its economic strategies. Environmental issue [Please Note that this is the ethical issue chosen from a range of women rights environmental etc specified in your order] International trade, economy and politics make it essential for all the countries and regions to abide by strict rules regarding environmental protection.

This has lead countries to take effective steps to improve their countries’ environmental conditions to meet the standards set by the international community. Involvement of various states has lead to “the advent of global environmental challenges that can not be solved without international cooperation, such as climate change, cross-boundary water and air pollution, over-fishing of the ocean, and the spread of invasive species. Many factories are built in developing countries where they can pollute freely.

” (Globalization Wikipedia) Hence rules have been made and have to strongly implemented in countries which are possible suspects of spreading pollution. In case of China, globalization has played a vital role in developing the environmental culture. If seen closely initially globalization lead to rapid industrialization which was a major source of pollution. International community with time seemed to give more importance to the environmental issue than to the actual economic growth of a country.

It argued that economic growth at the cost of spoiling the environment was not at all acceptable. “Pollution is invariably one of the first impressions visitor forms of China. From bicycles to cars in 25 years, urban China rarely sees much in the way of blue sky anymore. Rapid and large-scale industrialization only compounds the problem. ” (Roach) However, China struggled hard to fight off this problem since international issues got stricter regarding the environmental issue.

It is however, highly difficult for China to balance between its economy and the pollution problem it faces. Environmental problem has risen to an extent that China could serious problems if the international community places restrictions on it because of its environmental problem. It is a sorry state of affairs that globalization has lead China to develop into one of the most rapidly growing countries and at the same time it has harbored a much concerned problem for it like environmental pollution. On the cost of its economy it has damaged its own environment for good.

However, China has planned a strategy of balancing its economy and the pollution problem in order to reduce the current pollution and minimize future pollution possibilities.

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