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Effects of domestic violence domestic abuse on women and children Essay

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42% of women and 20% of men sustained minor injuries such as scratches, bruises, broken bones or pregnancy complications (Cathy Meyer, 2016). The result of domestic abuse does have long-term physical effects including digestive problems, hypertension or skin disorders (www.liveabout.com 15/11/17). Family members, especially children, can experience the physical effects of abuse even though they have not been harmed or touched. They can complain about stomach aches, headaches and could experience irregular bowel movements and wet the bed.

Many women who have been abused find it difficult to concentrate on their daily activates because of the effects of domestic abuse as they are constantly on edge.

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If a person is experiencing domestic abuse this can be physical as well as emotional and if the abuse is constant then regular hospital visits and rest days will be needed for a recovery if the person has a job day off will be needed and too many could lead to the person eventually being let off. When children experience domestic violence sometimes they feel confused or it’s their fault. If the violence or arguments takes place at night, it can be very distracting for the child to be able to sleep as they are constantly hearing the abuse given. This could affect their education as they will be tired and have poor concentration, affecting progress.

Domestic abuse will have an effect on the victim’s emotional health as it makes them feel a range of emotions, such as anxiety, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts or could cause a post-traumatic distress which includes unwanted flashbacks , nightmares or uncontrollable thoughts (www.joyfulheartcondition.org). Children who are exposed to domestic violence in their home could develop anxiety, fearing they might be left with the abusive parent who will then take their abuse out on them. Depression is also an emotion that most people will experience as they feel helpless and powerless. This is known to be more common in girls as boys tend to act out with aggression. Alisha Dixon, in the BBC Documentary “Don’t Hit My mum”, many children feel guilt that they could not prevent the abuse. Children may not want to leave the house in case their parent is unsafe. I found evidence to back this is on saying children will become clingy and not want to leave mum or dad and they feel they have a responsibility for to protect them.

When in a domestic violent relationship, it is knowing that the partner will try to control the other person’s life by constantly knowing what they are doing and persuading or telling the victim they cannot go places when they really want to go. This will affect their relationship with family or friends causing the victim to never see them eventually leading them into isolation. Other social behavior includes aggressive behavior and poor social skills, meaning they could not make any friends as their social skills are poor.


A person dying close to you is hard both on adults and children. They can experience the same feelings as they are going through the same things however someone who is of an older age may be able to deal with the effects in a more mature manner, they will find that their energy levels will be very low as they will have a feeling f numbness inside them. If their energy is low, they will not go out and do daily activities which could lead them to stress and anxiety.

Dealing with death and not everyone likes to be around people especially not in a work or school environment. This means that they will be missing out on important days in work or school causing them to fall behind building up more stress and anxiety that version does not need.
When people describe losing a loved one they usually describe their self as being numb. Which is a normal defense mechanism of the mind to help you from being overwhelmed with emotions? Other people may experience guilt or anxiety

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