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Effects of cell phones Essay

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Today cell phones have become like an accessory that accents our wardrobes. Cell phones are used for far more than just phone calls anymore. Some may even argue that they have become a distraction, a nuisance, or annoying even. At the end of the day, most of the people that would make this claim prove to be hypocrites and own a personal cell phone their own. Almost anything needed is virtually at fingertips. This one device has brought communication to your fingertips and also made humanity more functional.

Cell phones have far more advantages than not, and people cannot get enough of them.

Being able to call 911 or for help in case of an emergency from anywhere you are is one of the most important evolutions cell phones have contributed. If you get into an accident, you now have a life line as long as it is in your reach. In some cases time is the most critical element, and with this technology many lives have been saved.

Becoming a common item most people have, it has also allowed people to call for help for others who cannot. Phones also come equipped with a GPS tracking system that will let emergency help find your location if you are unable to communicate.

This gives people the feeling that they are not alone and that someone is always with them if they are in need. Parents are likely to give children cell phones for this very reason. Every parent wants to know that their children are safe and make them less vulnerable to harm. Having cell phones on their person eases the minds of parents knowing if their children need help it is only a phone call away. Overall, cell phones have given us a sense of security even when we are alone making it possible for us to make our own paths in life without worry. Unfortunately, it has allowed a false sense of security develop for some cell phone carriers.

Cell phones have become like mini personal assistants. Some phones can even address the owner by name and talk back as well. Such features that save contacts and a calendar for appointments have made a lot more people easily organized. Before cell phones most people carried around bulky planners to keep this information in. Along with those handy tools you also have a calculator which can become very useful at work, school, or even at the grocery store. Cell phones even have alarm clocks that can wake you up from a nap and then again in the morning. With older alarm clocks, you would have to set the time you would like the alarm to go off each occurrence unlike cell phones that can be set all at once. This feature has made even this simple but tedious task of setting your alarm daily obsolete. Most also come with a note feature that you can save memos.

You can make notes anytime on the go and do not have to worry about losing a small piece of paper. Another common feature is a camera or camcorder which allows people to catch those precious or rather caught on tape moments. There have been a lot of moments in history that having a camera on nearly every being would have told a lot more of the story and let people see firsthand. There are many more pictures taken now than ever before that has made photography broaden as well. Some can even argue that this feature also takes away people’s personal privacy because at any moment anyone could be taking your picture without your knowledge. Last but certainly not least is the ability of being able to download applications to their phones can make their life easier in one way or another whether it be tracking your diet or listening to your favorite music on your down time. Applications have made it possible to do far more things with your cell phone that ever before making it the ultimate all in one device. Having an all in one device is great because you don’t have to keep track of numerous different things and is much more compact.

Communication is, of course key. Any function is at your fingertips from a phone call, text, email, and even social media. All these forms can be retrieved from a cell phone. People who did not get to talk very often now get to communicate any time and in various ways. This allows families and people to stay in touch with very little effort. We can now have conversations on the phone while we grocery shopping or text instead of talking while your children are trying to nap. With social media, you can keep up with what everyone is doing without even being there so when you are too busy to hang out you do not feel like you are missing out. As a result, all these features people can continue to be productive and still keep in touch. Many people also communicate with email which can also be directed straight to any phone. There are many professions that contact via email and this makes it very convenient for them as well. The most used method before the advancement would be the person carrying a laptop computer and have to find an internet source or sit at their desk.

This has brought people from behind the desk and becoming more active and productive. Having the ability to be able to be mobile instead of being confined to a desk brings flexibility to employees and their company. It is better for the company and person both by relieving some of the stress that being dormant can cause. Along with emailing, some jobs require that the worker is mobile, and navigation has become a very popular feature as well. Large paper maps or second hand directions are now a thing of the past. Within a few keystrokes telling your phone where you want to go you will have definite directions turn by turn directions momentarily. Therefore, less people are getting lost and able to go to their destination without conflict.

With all the advantages and conveniences that cell phones bring it is easy to see why they have become so popular. Anything that you possible could need or want is at your disposal. Within only a few years’ cell phones have advanced greatly and will only continue to do so. Phones can tell you “Good Morning!” using your name and tell you a joke if you are blue. With that being said it is safe to say that cell phones are here to stay. People of all ages and all around the world have made cell phones a necessity. You cannot go wrong with an all in one device that keeps evolving with time.

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