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Effects of Casinos on Native Reservations Essay

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Do you think that casinos should be on native reservations? Is it beneficial or detrimental? Some people believe that casinos are just outrages and delirious. Casinos don’t help anybody. They just take money from people and cause them into bankruptcy. Bad things always happen in casinos. Also, Indian gaming isn’t fair to us because it doesn’t benefit us; it only benefits the actual reservation. Thats not true though; they are actually very beneficial to the tribal members and to the people around the reservation.

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Do those people know what benefits the casinos have on the community and to the communities around it?

Casinos are very beneficial to the reservation and the communities around it. Casinos give plenty of employment to the people. The people make good money and they put bread on the table. Casinos give the communities a place to socialize and have lots of fun. To go dance to hip music with friends and new peers is a blast! Casinos may take a lot of space but, once they’re built, they bring in lots of money to fund the communities, giving them schools, hospitals, and other roads to transport around. Yes, there are negatives about the casinos. But they don’t always bring in trouble.

Yes, there maybe theft of thousands of dollars, or some gigantic bankruptcies. But, they are lots of fun and very helpful to the reservation and the the communities around. As you can see, casinos are very contributive to the reservation and casinos are needed around. They are very beneficial to the economy, to health care, and to the land. Casinos on Native reservations are beneficial for the economy. Communities around the reservation have really see the benefits of casinos on the reservations. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed in 1988 so the reservations can operate full scale casinos.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act protects Native American gaming so they can promote tribal economic development. There has been a huge improvement in the reservations since then. Casinos have created lots and lots of jobs for Indians and non- Indian “… adult employment increasing by 26 percent… ” (Gorman 1). More than seventy five percent of Americans acknowledge that native tribes benefit dramatically from having casinos. Jobs at the casinos generate more jobs that people can take on “… a 14 percent decline in the number of working poor” (Gorman 1).

Casinos have an effect where each job at the casinos supports other jobs in the communities. Tribal casinos bring in other people from other places onto the reservations bringing the outside money. Indian gaming was vital to tribal self determination and self governance. The Native Americans gambling was necessary to the economy. The casinos have really changed the economic climate on the reservations and the communities around it. The tribal casinos have not just really benefitted the economy, but health care of the Native Americans and to the people around the reservation.

The casinos on the reservation have fifty percent good effect on health care and a fifty percent bad effect on health. The negatives can go between the disorder “problem gambling,” anxiety for almost winning and then losing, the depression of losing lots and lots of money, and the thoughts of suicide because you’ve gone into bankruptcy. “The Canadian Public Health Association defines “problem gambling” as a progressive disorder characterized by a continuous or periodic loss of control” (Barnes 2). You have a humongous chance of going bankrupt and becoming dirt poor.

That would affect not just you, but your family and the people around you. Your family could go through a burn out; which means the family forgets how to keep themselves healthy, clean, and in good shape. They could also forget how to have fun with each other and with other people. That would have huge emotional, physical, and mental impact on the children’s life. The children might feel forgotten about or that they aren’t important to anyone anymore. They can feel very depressed or angry and feel like they are the cause of problems in the family.

Gambling can cause lots of problems in the family and cause problems with friends, the law, and other people in your life. That may seem pretty terrible in life, and it is. Gambling can be a pretty big cause in a lot of problems. But do you know that there are good effects of health care on people too? The popularity of the tribal casino paves way for the establishment of the casino. When people come into the casino to dance to fun music, or gamble to win big bucks, or to just dine with good friends, it’s all fun!

It gives people a way to get away from the things that stress them out like work, children or their spouses! It gives people the time to relax and just get away from the hard life of being busy and not getting to relax. The elderly think that gambling is a good form of therapy. It is an elixir to help their bones and muscles relax and loosen up. It gives them the time to socialize with other people their age and make some new friends and having the excitement of being out with other people. For the hard workers, it helps them get their mind off of work and other things wearing them down.

It helps them socialize with other couples or other singles and maybe meet their new best friend! “Everything has its own good, as long as it’s done moderately” (Institute of Ontario 1). Casinos have good effects on the land of the reservations too. Casinos on Native reservations have affects the land in positive but also negative ways. The negative ways consist of pollution of the actual building of the casinos, the land loss of how big or how small the casinos are, and the cost of how much land is going to have to be brought to actually build the casinos.

The small businesses around the casinos now have “competition”. They have to fight to get good business around the casinos because casinos are very popular and they get hundreds of people each day. Which takes money and popularity from other businesses and causes them to shut down. “Building casinos on reservations causes destruction of tribes, culture, and the people” (Gorman 1). Casinos are only allowed on native reservations so that brings in hundreds of people each day and then that takes space for their cars for parking.

Also, land values increase when casinos are built on them; which is really expensive. Casinos increase burglary and theft in the reservation and around it as well. But, the good thing is that casinos bring in more commercial businesses a well. When there is lots of people and all different kinds of businesses, everybody is happy! The more places to go around the casinos, the more people, the more money “… having a casino brings in not just money, but popularity too” (Kimball 1). As you can see, casinos are very helpful to the communities.

Casinos being on the native reservations is really important to the reservation and to the communities around the reservation. Casinos are essential to the economic world. They generate hundreds of thousands of jobs for people to work. Its a very theraputic place for the people to relax. It gives not just the young adults to relax and have fun, but for the elderly as well. Casinos may be hassle to build, but once they’re up, they bring in hundreds of people and popularity of the land goes up. The casinos are most important to the reservations. They are fun, helpful, and essential to everyone.

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