Effectiveness of your marketing plan Essay

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Effectiveness of your marketing plan

There are a few quantifiable elements that Under Armor can use in order to evaluate, monitor and control the effectiveness of the marketing plan. One way is that a company can, is to take a look at there sales over different time periods. After looking at sales in increments of every two months or every six months, they would be able to determine the effectiveness. If it shows during certain times of the year they are saleing more then other times, and then they can see if there marketing changes helped or not.

Another way that we can determine the effectiveness of the marketing plan for Under Armor is to have surveys that consumers can take. These surveys should be able to be taken online as well has when they purchase the product. This helps for the marketing team can see how consumers feel about the product. That way consumers can feel like they have some part in the product and it also helps the marketing team to make more precise changes. The more precise changes means that they can get right to the point of turning a profit and making the consumer happy. With that also being said happy consumers means loyal customers and constant profit.

SWOT is also another quantifiable element that needs to be used with any company. SWOT helps to take a look at the in and outs of the marketing environment which helps to show what type of trends the Under Armor consumers are purchasing it at. SWOT is great because it looks at other marketing skills and any changes that way changes can be made as soon as possible and they can start to see better numbers or even just steady numbers.

Making marketing changes always help to create more of an opportunity for a product that is trying to be sold. More opportunities mean more consumers and the better the profit. If the company is able to make changes for the better then that means that they are keeping there consumers happy and that helps with the word of mouth for the company and the products they are trying to sale.


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