Effective ways to improve communication Essay

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Effective ways to improve communication

Teenagers and their parents need to increase their communication in order to have a strong relationship. It is very important that they cooperate so that they can reach a common goal. Some tips to improve communication for parents are being there for their teenager children, learning to talk while in motion, risk making a change, being honest, sharing their hopes and dreams, and creating a comfortable environment by listening. Some methods for teenagers are opening up and sharing about their thoughts and feelings with their parents. There are several ways to improve the communication between teenagers and parents.

Parents need to find quality time out of their busy schedule to talk with their children. Parents should take advantage of everyday opportunities or plan a simple activity for just themselves and their children, such as watching television. Talking to teenagers is basically the same thing as talking to adults. Most teenagers are overstressed, overworked, preoccupied and, in many cases, just simply distant from their parents. They need lively adults who are present and awake. In this way, parents could spend time with their children, engaging in activities that suit their age and interests.

Teenagers always seem to be on the move. Teenagers are action machines because they do not like sitting still. They have the added distraction of being inside bodies pulsing with energy and strength. If parents really want to connect with a teenager, they need to get active with them, such as challenging them to a basketball game.

Teenagers know their parents as well as their values, rules and weaknesses. They also know just what to say and how to maneuver around their parents. The problem is that they do not really expect their parents to ever change the way they think or act. Teenagers thrive on surprise and love to think odd thoughts. Parents should try to be a little surprising and do something completely unexpected and unpredictable. Young adults appreciate the opportunity to relate in a way that was completely unpredictable and different for their parents.

Young adults deserve honest answers and explanations because this is what strengthens the children’s ability to trust. By being open and honest, parents can express their values in a caring way. Parents do not often want to show their mistakes and past errors because they are unwilling to seem imperfect. Parents should tell teenagers some of their own secrets and try to be outgoing. They should try and set an example for their teenagers so that the teenagers will learn from their honesty.

Although parents should always communicate with their teenagers, they have to remember not to talk too much. Teenagers hate listening to long lectures. Parents need to avoid repetition of lectures which might bore teenagers. Also, parents should not continue on about different subject that the teenagers are not ready to hear.

Teenagers don’t have much of a past, and so they live in the future. Parents need to capture what it is that rivets teenagers’ attention the most – their imagination pertaining to the future and what’s important to them. Not many parents will sit down with their children and openly discuss the future without any boundary, agenda or parental rigidity. Teenagers will search until they find someone who will dream with them. They will look forward to the opportunity to explore their future with someone they truly care about and who really wants to hear about their dreams.

Parents should always create a climate in which the teenager feels free to discuss anything. In order to create an atmosphere in which teenagers can ask any questions without the fear of consequences, parents need to be encouraging, supportive and positive. This will show teenagers that the parents can be of help in solving problems, and they will not be fearful of speaking out. Parents need to take them away from places and things that can distract them. They have to listen attentively because when parents talk to teenagers after careful listening, they are more informed and aware of the situation.

Parents need to remember that young adults need an open mind and some guidance during adolescence more than any other period in their lives. If they fear that their parents will discourage them from being truthful by displaying disappointment and disapproval, they will pull away fast and will not return that easily. Parents have to be curious and ask questions about teenagers’ ideas and feelings to get to know them and their world. Parents should be prepared to just listen and accept the simple truth that teenagers feel what they feel, no matter how irrational it may sound.

It is important for teenagers and their parents to find ways to communicate their point of view, which will encourage the other person to listen. They need to avoid blaming the other person and not be judgmental. They should stay in the present and not refer to the past. They have to look for solutions together and be prepared to compromise. These are some ways to improve communication between parents and teenagers.

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