Effective Use of Alternative Energy Resources

In modern society, an increasing number of people pay more attention to how to make use of alternative sources of energy effectively.With the development of economy and society, existing energy sources have been hard to meet the increasing market demands. Therefore, alternative energies become more and more important because they are directly related to the future economic and social development. Therefore, this essay will discuss how to harness alternative sources of energy effectively, with a particular focus on some exciting problems of energy, the use of renewable energy, scientific support and government participation.

It cannot be denied that there are many problems with exciting energy sources.Firstly, exciting energy sources will run out, such as coal and oil. So,there are not sufficient energy sources to meet current and future needs of development. Moreover,our development is overly depend on fossil fuel so that considerable problems, have deeply affected environment. For example, massive emissions of carbon dioxide by industry and transport has already changed atmosphere structure and result in serious greenhouse effect.

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Besides, ozone layer depletion and acid rain also seriously damage our environment and ecosystems. In a word, exciting energy sources have many problems so that the effective development of alternative energy sources become imperative for economic and social development.

It is clear that in order to harness alternative sources of energy effectively, we need to improve productive efficiency of energy by means of develop renewable energy. Under current conditions, developing renewable energy is a necessary and feasible measure for the energy shortfall.

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Most renewable energies are clean and efficient.Therefore,they benefit improving productive efficiency of energy and make up the shortage of traditional fuel, whilst protect environment.For example, biogas, which is made from biological waste, can produce heat, electricity and car fuel to meet civic needs[1].Therefore, the use of renewable energy is a effective way to improve productive efficiency of alternative energy.

There is no doubt that scientific support is also a important factor for improve effectiveness of alternative resources.Only when science and technology is continually improved can the use of alternative energy become more effective.Under current conditions,energy use is limited by natural conditions and technical reasons.In other words, it is impossible to develop alternative energy without considering current local and technical conditions at present.So,the involvement of science and technology is necessary for promoting effectiveness of alternative sources. It cannot be denied that there are many other important factors influence alternative sources of energy be harnessed effectively.Overall, advancing resource utilization need improvement of science and technology.

In addition, there is no doubt that developing alternative resources need government support, especially government subsidized.To begin with,development of alternative sources is limited by high initial costs to some extent.So, government support has became very important.Fortunately, there are many good practices in some countries have led to a series of major achievements. For instance, in northern Europe,government subsidies underwrite purchase of pellet furnaces[2]; in Vienna, the government has implemented a subsidize building renewal program[3] etc.

Besides, advertising advantages of alternative sources to the public is also a duty of government.As substitutes for traditional fuel, alternative sources of energy are more efficient and produce less harmful gas.These advantages need to be advertised so that more people choose to use alternative sources of energy.Taking all factors into account,government participation is necessary to the effective use of alternative sources of energy.


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