Effective Teamwork Essay

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Effective Teamwork

1. What are the characteristics of effect teams?

There are several characteristic of an effective team. An effective team will have common shared goal. An example of this is our team assignment here at the University of Phoenix. Each team has the common goal of finishing the assignment with a good grade. An effective team must have effective an open communication. If there is no communication the team will fail. There must be diversity. Each team needs to be diverse so that each member can “feed” off the others. There must diversity because different members bring different opinions, skills and experience to the group.

Team members must trust each other. If you cannot trust you’re your team members to get their work done or to do it correctly, you will constantly be worrying about their work and yours will suffer. Each member in a team must have mutual respect for each other. If you cannot respect your team mates it can cause animosity and tension in the group. When this happens the overall work of the team will suffer. Last but not least each member must have a commitment to the team. A team should not have to worry about a team member leaving them in the middle of a project.

2. How do roles, needs, and diversity affect teamwork?

Provide specific examples. Each team member will have a role on the team. There is the leader, the follower, the peacemaker and even a tension reliever. Each role is important because each person does something different. Each person in a team brings a specific skill and behavior and that is how they develop their roles. When it comes to the needs of each team member they all need to be taken into account. There are those team members that need to take control and dominate the team.

Then there is the member that thinks that nobody likes him at all and the one that tries nonstop to be friends with all the team members. The team member that is best for the team is the team member that wants to be liked but doesn’t really make this his priority. His priority is getting the job done. When it comes to diversity, it is very important for a team to be diverse. Each member will have a different skill, different intellect, some will have different views, such as political or religious. Some will have been raised in different cultures. This is important because each of these differences brings a different aspect to the team project and allows for a better project outcome.

3. What are components of group diversity?

There are several different components of group diversity. There is the cultural component. With this one each member will have to set aside prejudices and beliefs in order to be able to make an effective team. There are many other components such as age, gender, physical ability. There is even religious and marital diversity. There are more components of group diversity and each one brings a different aspect to the group dynamics.

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