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Effective Project Communication Management Essay

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Different communication methods are used within the business environment in order to ensure that the business runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. By doing so, this means that no misinterpretations or misunderstandings are made and therefore all information is both passed and received correctly. Different examples of communication used within a business environment can vary from phone calls, emails and face to face meetings. Depending on the situation and case you’re dealing with depends on what form of communication you would use as you want to use the one that is the most effective for what you’re doing.

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For example, if you want something in which you gain the most information from and get a feel for what you’re dealing with then a face to face meeting will probably be the most effective. Whereas if you just want to send something quick and easy then an email is probably more appropriate to use.

When considering requirements for different audiences you have to take into consideration different things that might mean you have to vary how you go about things. For example, age, gender, and any disabilities may all be factors that you have to cater around. If you have a group of people who you’re wanting to do some sort of activity with and someone within the group is in a wheelchair then you have to make sure that they are also able to take part too and that you make any adjustments if needed to do so. Just like if you have someone who is partially/ fully death then getting a translator in so that they can understand too is necessary to make sure all information is collected efficiently by everyone there.


Grammar is what makes a sentence make sense. It’s the way that sentences are constructed. Without correct grammar, sentences can easily be misunderstood. By using correct grammar in a business environment means that you’re communicating more effectively and therefore acts as a time management skill as it lessens any confusion.

Sentence structure.

It is key to use sentence structures in the business environment. This ensures your messages are broken down clearly and aren’t all one big message with no punctuation or break down etc. By doing so helps emphasize any points being made and also means that communications are correctly interpreted.


Punctuation breaks down texts into sentences, phrases, clauses and so on. It’s important that it’s used in a business environment because it helps stop any confusion arising or misunderstanding of the message that is supposed to be given. This is because lack of or incorrect punctuation can give a sentence a completely different meaning. For example, “Let’s eat Faye” as opposed to “let’s eat, Faye”. That’s why, in order to communicate effectively, it is important to ensure you use correct punctuation where needed.


When it comes to spelling and business communications, again, it is key to make sure everything is spelled correctly. Just like the rest, incorrect spelling leads to a misunderstanding of what is trying to be said as one misspelled word can change the entire meaning of a message.


Conventions make writing more understandable as it’s broken down into paragraphs with correct grammar, spelling etc. This makes communications in a business easier as it means that the message can be fluently read rather than having to be broken down in order to be able to understand it properly. Correct grammar is important when being used in business documents, such as emails, as it forms a professional relationship between both colleagues and customers.

A massive part of communicating involves face to face meetings and therefore means the way that you put yourself across with, not only your tone of voice, but also body language is extremely important. This meaning that when dealing with sensitive cases, the tone of voice you use and body language you express should be taken into consideration greatly. You should make sure that you’re empathetic and that you consider the words in which you emphasize when trying to draw the listener’s attention. It is important to make sure you make a conscious effort to control your body language and tone of voice when speaking because body language portrays subconscious messages when communicating and can sometimes mislay the wrong impression. Examples of good body language would be making sure you make sufficient amount of eye contact, correct gestures if necessary and making sure facial expressions are appropriate. As for the tone of voice, a lot of the time people don’t remember what we say as such but more how we say it and that’s why using the correct tone of voice is important within the business environment to stop any misinterpretations.

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