Effective Human Resources Essay

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Effective Human Resources

The four bands

Each of the 10 professional areas is further divided into four levels or bands (from 1 to 4), which define the different levels of work activities and knowledge requirements within each area. There is also a useful section within the information on bands, entitled ‘Transitions’, which helps us identify how we can move, or prepare to move, from one professional band to the next.

Band one
Supports colleague with administration and process. Effectively manages information and data and is customer orientated.

Band two
Advices on and/or manages HR related issues relating to an individual or a team. Has a clear understanding of the evaluation process and the solutions available.

Band three
Leads a professional area acting as a consultant or partner, addresses key HR challenges at an organisational level for the medium and long term.

Band four
Leads and manages a professional area(s) and/or the organisation. Responsible for developing and delivering organisational and HR strategy.

Activity 1 part B

comment on the activities and knowledge specified within any 1 professional area, at either band 1 or band 2, identifying those you consider most essential to your own (or other identified) HR role.


Learning and development is one of the professional areas which I identified to be essential in HR role. The level of responsibilities are describe in three different ways, namely: a). what you need to know (knowledge)

b). what you need to do (activities)
c). How you need to do it ( behaviour)

In this professional area HR personnel are require to have knowledge about the organisational purpose, the key product/service and customer. Also require HR personnel to know the sector context in which the organisation operates, legal and market factors that impact performance.

The skills or abilities require of HR personnel in the (Learning and development) area are the abilities to collect, collate and analyse project metrics, data and report back on key information. Require of the HR personnel to provide accurate and timely information, data and advice to managers and employees on organisation’s people policies and procedure and employment.

HR personnel could carry out the activity successfully by using the following behaviour a). Driven to deliver- Demonstrates determination, resourcefulness and purpose to deliver the best results for the organisation. b). personally credible-Builds and delivers professionalism through combining commercial and HR expertise to bring value to the organisation, stakeholders and peers. The above aforementioned responsibilities is considered to be entry-level (i.e. BAND 1) in the HR profession.

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