Effective Diversity strategic management Essay

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Effective Diversity strategic management

When the two important and big companies merge takes place it is necessary to understand the level of conflicts that will arise. So to avoid the conflicts its necessary that they companies create a diverse atmosphere for all the workers. Mapfre is a Spanish insurance company which is based in Majadahonda, Madrid. The name comes from the old mutual origin of the company (but the company now only refers to itself as MAPFRE. It is the leading insurance company in Spain and the largest non-life insurance company in Latin America. The company purchased Webster, Massachusetts-based Commerce Insurance Group, a major provider of motor insurance, for over €1.5 billion in October 2007.MAPFRE was listed in the Fortune Global 500 list on its 2008 edition. Rafael Nadal is officially sponsored by the company. The IT field person explained he is undergoing different kinds of racial discrimination’s so due to which he is not able to grow and develop himself fully in the company. The questions that I would like to ask in the interview are:-

1) That how does the IT person will tackle culture difference in MAPFRE
2) Any way he would like to bridge the gap
3) Or he would like to be quite with everyone so as to increase the differences?
4) Will cultural difference impact his working
5) How will he try to adapt in this new culture

While taking the interview of the person I understood the company basically lacks the diversity in the work place criteria, (Harvey, Carol P., 2012). Diversity in the work place means that there are many types of groups to which the employees belong and these groups are not limited to things age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, educational background, geographic location, income, wedded status, armed experience, parental status, religious attitude, work knowledge, and job organization. A primary goal of analyzing diversity in my workplace is to check the strengths, identify all the weakness and maximize the most value for human capital as well. As I work in a bar the most there important strength on which their diversity depends is the kind of ambiance and services they provide. The ideal way to judge diversity in our bar is to have looked at the employees, looking at potential customers and setting the place according to them (Mayhew, , 2009).

Effective Diversity strategic management can be created for our bar by contributing to achieve its set goals and targets effectively. The bar tenders are to proper trained, and reduction in employee dissatisfaction. If there will be diversification in the work force than there will reduction in an employer’s risk for discrimination or other kind of harassment lawsuits.

The bar mangers should make programs so as to attract, recruit and have programs from different back grounds, cultures, companies etc so as to increase the production and creation of innovative solutions so as to meet all the different challenges of bars. Having different people together will create a positive atmosphere and many more customers will be attracted towards the bar. Making proper communication among the employees and motivating them to give their best will also help in developing diversity in the work place (Mayhew, , 2009).

Having effective strategic managers recognize the capability to work in a global market. The workers must be able to feel that they are working in a safe and productive environment. The managers must take proper steps so as to establish business conduct and makes and regulations so that they don’t face any kind of harassment or any kind of discrimination. The management needs to act more constantly and moderately so that the employees learn from them and become more loyal , committed and focused towards their jobs.bar is a kind of place where different types of people come , some people who can create fuss for small things which can hamper the working atmosphere for the bar . So to avoid all this its necessary that management keep proper security etc so that proper peace in the working place is maintained. Thus by doing the above mentioned there can be proper diversity in the bar and all the employees will be more dedicated towards their work.

The organizational responsibility within any organization is to keep the environment clean and healthy. They should not use such things which have effect on the community services and degrade the society, (Harvey, Carol P., 2012). The company should follow the corporate social responsibility which aims to see the company actions and also encourage a positive impact on the activities of environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders etc. it’s the duty of the organizations it operated directly with people who are affected by the business activities. An organization main responsibility is to support the public interests or have minimized the negative impact on the surroundings of ht community as well.

An organizations become responsible to the community can promote the charitable acts by the employees and also minimize the risk of pollution as well. The individual Responsibility within a community is that he should be complete in control regarding his actions and deeds taking place in the community. He should keep the environment clean and friendly so that his nearby surrounding are effected and the community over all becomes a better place to live in. thus the individual responsibility is to check his actions whereas the organizations responsibility to take care of all the things which are effecting the environment due to them. The project manager is the one who should be able to control and see what the areas that tend to see the conflicts are arises.

The first task for the project manager is to understand himself that what project planning is needed. He needs to make the process of change information which will be distributed and interested by the staff in many ways, (Harvey, Carol P., 2012). In this process there will be importance in managing the expectations and also dealing with the confusions which people will have regarding the new work. He will need to understand that what policies and procedures are to be change. The employees are not responsible to manage the changes , the employees responsibility and for which there are different for all the persons depends n the variety of factors like health, maturity, stability, experience, personality, motivation, etc. the responsibility for managing the change in any processes which are made in the organization. The manger has the responsibility to make and facilitate and enable changes which are applied within the statements and which are needed to understand the situation (rick, 2011).

The change management is only possible when there are proper measurements which are to be considered in the planning of change and before any actions which are to be undertaken, (Harvey, Carol P., 2012). it will be completely successful when the change management plan helps to motivate the employees so as to perform their desired new activities. There should be measurement of the work which helps to provide the guidance towards goal achievement of the firm. In this case installation of a new company-wide computer system, but also the implementation of new processes is the current goal for the project managers.

There are many types of conflicts which arise in the organizations. When there are managerial expectations than there tends to arise conflicts. It’s the job of the employees so as to meet the expectation are to be misunderstood, conflicts which can arise, (Harvey, Carol P., 2012). Managers need to make more communication with their goals to employees and also than which there confirming the goals in writing. A manger should be also to encourage her employees so as to ask the questions regarding the goals and also the regular meetings of the goals and also how to best so as to reach them.

If the department requires information from the department in order to complete a job than the other department must respond to the request for the information, (Cox, Jr., Taylor, 1991).Some interdepartmental also disagree regarding the non responsive attitude which creates problems only. Another way of creating this sort of conflicts are to give a circular response which are to be under the review. When the people of departments are very late in responding to the request than there could be problems in the organizations so to avoid this communication is very necessary , (Harvey, Carol P., 2012).

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