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Effective Communication In The Workplace Essay Examples

Essay on Effective Communication In The Workplace

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Effective Communication at the Workplace

...Without communication in the workplace there would be no good relationships, without relationships I the workplace there will be no trust so any relationships would break down leading to conflict and the staff possibly leaving a bad influence on the children. Also peoples personalities can affect relationships in the workplace because for example say someone has a really bubbly personalities, and someone else is quite shy then that might be intimidating meaning that the shy person may not want t...

Understanding communication process in the workplace

...i)Manager’s feedback: my manager find me organized while discussing a topic internally or with another department, also my manager said that I’m a good negotiator. ii)Audio Recording: in order to assess my tone of voice, my oral communication skills, I recorded my voice for a subject I want to discuss it with the team, I found a lot things I need to work on it, for example; my tone of voice, I have to work on it to make more relaxed while addressing a message to people, also I found myself t...

Report on the Analysis of Ineffective Communication in the Workplace

...Person A should ensure this is carried out in a conscientious manner to prevent another conflicting situation from occurring. Person A should avoid singling out B as this could demotivate her from joining work shop training, so should offer the opportunity to every employee. This informal, fun atmosphere may help to improve person B’s opinions of others and alter her current life position. Another method of altering person B’s life position is to offer counselling but should be suggested at ...

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Effective Communication in Organizations

...communication insights: Effective approaches for reaching clients and co-workers. (2011, Nov 03). PR Newswire. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/901880619?accountid=27313 Kandlousi, N. S. A. E., Ali, A. J., & Abdollahi, A. (2010). Organizational citizenship behavior in concern of communication satisfaction: The role of the formal and informal communication. International Journal of Business and Management, 5(10), 51-61. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/821297...

Workplace Communication Barriers


Poor Communication in Workplace

... The focus of this proposal is to identify a problem in the work place and develop a solution to that issue. For this purpose, I identified poor communication as a major problem in workplace. I focused on three dimensions to communication. Communication climate can have a positive or negative effect on communication. It should be a supportive and participative climate. The second dimension is formal communication and the last one is informal communication. The recommendations I discus...

Effective Communication Skills in Nursing

...14. What are the functions of performance appraisal and development in the workplace? Promote learning reflect learning The function of the performance appraisal in the health care environment is to a evaluate the performance of the Enrolled Nurse working practices, this helps the Enrolled nurse and their manager to identify areas of improvement, areas where the healthcare facilities goals are being met, recognising areas of professional or personal development and promoting learning and continu...

Effective Communication in Teaching

...In conclusion, good communication within an early childhood education setting is vitally important. It is essential that early childhood educators focus on developing strong and effective communication skills to be able to ensure a high level and successful educational experience for the children in their care. It is important that these skills are passed on to young children as when they develop good communication skills it can only help to build their foundation for learning and forming relati...

Effective Communication

...The roles and responsibilities of speakers and listeners include the speaker having to evaluate the communication situation and avoid miscommunication, give and receive feedback, and maintain goodwill. Besides, as an effective communicator, we need to fulfill our own needs as well as the needs of the receiver of the message. In addition, good interpersonal skills are useful when dealing with people as they help to build goodwill. To have such good and effective communication, we can make use of ...

Effective Communication

...Barriers that involve semantics can be improved upon by going to school or studying grammar, and word selection. The internet is a great way to explore tools that can help with improving your communication skills with words. Identifying what barriers are preventing someone from exchanging information and finding appropriate solutions to overcome these challenges will ensure a better and more effective way of communicating. Conclusion As children we learned early on how to communicate first witho...

Effective Communication

...Conclusion As learned in this paper, the process of sharing information, thoughts and feelings between people through speaking, writing or body language is only done by communication. Having effective communication extends the concept to require that transmitted content is received and understood by someone in the way it was intended to ensure communication has been accomplished,” (Brown, 2011, para. 1). The best familiar organization was discussed along with how it shared knowledge or involv...

The Audacity Of Tattoos In The Workplace Communications

...I cannot walk around Bronx Community College without seeing at least one person without a tattoo, and this is only counting the ones that are visible; there would be even more students who have tattoos that are not visible. However, the issues with tattoos are not a problem on campus but rather in the workplace, where employers feel the need to protect their companies’ image and reputation by firing or avoiding hiring those who have visible tattoos. I disagree that employers are justified in f...

Ethical Theory Frameworks in the Workplace

...Bartol, K., Tein, M., Matthews, G., Sharma, B., Scott-Ladd, B. (2011). Management: A Pacific Rim focus. (6th Ed).NSW: McGraw Hill. Behnke, S. (2005). On being an ethical psychologist. American Psychological Association. Retrieved from http://www.apa.org/monitor/julaug05/ethics.aspx Billikopf, G. (2006). Employee Discipline & Termination. University of California. Retrieved from http://nature.berkeley.edu/ucce50/ag-labor/7labor/14.htm Brush, D. (2014). Cyberbullying - laws struggling to keep ...

Generational Conflict in the Workplace

...This is an ongoing circle of conflict. People are creatures of habit and are not generally open to change. Throughout time, each generation has had contempt of some form for the generation that follows. The incoming generation has always felt that they know more than the ones they are replacing. The important thing to remember is that open communication channels will benefit the workplace. Each generation will better understand each other, and will be able to learn from one another. Generation Y...

Effectiveness: Communication and Team Members

...Explain the processes that the organisation has in place to establish and maintain open communication with all stakeholders Describe the steps that the organization has in place to communicate information from line manager/management to the team Outline/summarize the arrangements that the organization has in place to communicate unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by team members and follow-up with line manager/management and other relevant stakeholders Briefly explain the provisions...

Emotional Quotient And Spiritual Intelligence In The Workplace

...Companies of the modern economy is already recognizing the fact the business is not all about making money, rather it encompasses the building of organization members with multiple intelligence. An organization with personnel, especially leaders, who have well developed cognitive, emotional and spiritual intelligence, is a happy and enthusiastic working environment. Developing the emotional and spiritual intelligence is the answer to the intangible needs of the organization: healthy working rela...

Narcissism in the Workplace

...[ 1 ]. Grunes, Dennis. "MODERN TIMES (Charles Chaplin, 1936)." [ 2 ]. Bruner, Robert, and Robert Spekman. "Alliances: Lessons [ 3 ]. Nevicka, Barbora. "Narcissists Look Like Good Leaders—But They Aren’t!" [ 4 ]. Quoted in Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, Timothy Brown, S. J M. Neil Browne, and Nancy Kubasek, “Do We Really Want More Leaders in Business?” Journal of Business Ethics, 17, no. 15, (November 1998): 1730. [ 5 ]. Maccoby, Michael. Harvard Business Review. The Rise and Fall of a Narcissis...

Sexual harassment in the workplace

...??Victims can also get legal help with sexual harassment in the workplace. There are some formal steps for the victims to stop the sexual conduct effectively. In some serious cases, they can report the behavior to the supervisor and take legal action as soon as possible. They need to keep all available evidence. If possible, get your colleagues to be witnesses in the court. It will help if you decide to file a lawsuit against Indecent assault. If the victims keep silent or evade the problem, the...

Proficiency level in Excel and WordTo work effectively in a workplace

...5.4. Proficiency level in Excel and Word.To work effectively in a workplace you must have a proficiency level with Word and Excel. 5.5. Basic understanding of internal controls and governance. The effective implementation and monitoring of a sound internal control system helps ensure that Not for Profit entities meet their objectives, such as providing services to the community professionally, while utilising resources efficiently and minimising the risk of fraud, mismanagement or error. Good in...

The Role Of Effective Communication In Health Care

...Touching or contacting with one another can be very comforting but you have to be careful to use your touch in an appropriate manner. For example an individual such as an old patient living in a care home may feel upset and a nurse may want to give them a hug as they would do with a friend or family. But the problem may occur when the nurse doesn’t know this individual and may be breaching their personal space and would become embarrassed or possibly offended. In some cultures touching is not ...

Assess the effectiveness of own communication skills in establishing

...I assessed my own communication skills based on the reciprocal assessment provided as part of this course. I sent out the assessment questionnaire to 12 people. This included 7 members of my team, my manager, another team’s manager who we work quite closely with, 2 project managers and 1 3rd party supplier. I tend to communicate with a number of people at all different levels on a daily basis and therefore felt it was necessary to get feedback from those outside of my team too. I have been in ...

Assess the effectiveness of own communication skills in establishing

...On average 6 people scored me a 3 on these questions:• Kiran communicates on both an emotional and at activity based level – feelings and actions• Kiran is comfortable reading other peoples non-verbal communication• Kiran is complemented on her clear and direct style of communicationSo for the above, 6 out of 12 scored me a 3 which indicates there is definitely room for improvement. From their feedback I learned that I can come across as being very task oriented and may not always unders...


...It is quite time we take play a bit seriously. Play is often being confused with hobbies and relaxation, free time, and sometimes play is all-to-often perceived as the exact opposite of work. But it’s not. Agree with me to say the opposite of play is depression! In fact, play has a lot to offer in the workplace. Play provides a means by which people explore, learn and adapt in order to deal with uncertainty.Effective communication is the foundation of a good workplace interrelation; and a posi...

Miscommunications in the Workplace

...We must remember that sometimes in order to receive feedback it must be asked for. After explaining a work order or process it is vital to ask, "Do you understand?" or "Do you have any questions for me?" Another way of obtaining feedback would be through face-to-face technology. With our smartphones and office computers we can send a more personal message with FTF video conferencing. Google Hangouts are part of the Google suite of applications that support multi-party video chat as well as other...

Professionalism in the workplace

...Thus, good professional behavior will enhance a positive working environment and also affect ones reputation and performance on the job. Different professions have their own different codes that govern the conducts of individuals in that specific profession or field. With good leadership in place and commitment from employees, good behavior and professionalism at the work place will be highly enhanced and this will in turn lead to positive work relations as well as a contributing to a positive w...

Managing Diversity and Ethics in the Workplace

...Leadership is an important attribute that should be more focused on in diversity training workshops. Leadership leads to teamwork which is an important factor in an organization. Making sure that employees get along and that no one is discriminated against is a leader’s job. If everyone is taught about leadership and how it works, people from different backgrounds will gain the confidence and skills required to advance within the organization. Leadership seminars will also help to inspire peop...

Social Media in the Workplace

...Acquisti A, Gross R. (2006). Imagined communities: Awareness, information sharing, and privacy on the Facebook. In: Privacy Enhancing Technologies, 36-58. Amy, G. (2009, January 1). Effects of Exposure to Facebook on Self-Esteem: Mirror, mirror on my Facebook wall. Conference Papers -- National Communication Bhutta, C. (2010). Not by the Book: Facebook as a Sampling Frame. Sociological Methods & Research, 57-88. Jue, A., & Marr, J. (2010). Social media at work: How networking tools prope...

The effectiveness of communication systems

...In our care setting oral formal communication is more preferred since in that setting we aim to offer advice to the patients, their families. Formal communication shows respect for others. It is used when a professional, such as a health or social care worker, addresses a resident. Therefore, formal communication at all times must be clear so that misunderstandings can be avoided as much as humanly possible. Handovers must be clear and as informative as possible, so as to maintain effective comm...

Explaining the role of effective communication

...Nurse : did you rest well last night Mrs Jones? Patient: yes I did nurse, I’m feeling slight better. Nurse: that’s a great improvement then, I’m glad you are. Patient: thank you very much nurse. Nurse: I am always here to help my dear. This is a very good way of effective communication, as the nurse and patient are interacting well and both parties are happy as they have understood each other. References (http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/informal-communication. html) (http://...

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