Effective communication barrier is a durance during the time of exchanging information between two entities. The sole purpose of effective communication barrier is to disturbed the message from being understand clearly and easily. According to (“communitydoor”,2013) it state that effective communication barrier is something that prevents someone from understanding and receiving the message properly and convey the information as it is. There are types of barrier, however three common barriers are discussed, they are individual difference, perceptual difference and organizational differences.

firstly, individual differences according to (Level& Gallel,1998,) it state that everyone is not same some people are aggressive while others are passive, some seek information and help while others keep things to themselves. When anyone of this traits come in it create barriers. secondly perceptual difference according to (“toppr”) it state that different people perceive the same working environment in different ways some consider it as friendly, supportive and caring while others consider it as unfriendly and threatening that’s why employees might fight it back and it becomes barrier.

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Finally, but not the least status difference according to (“Study.Com”) it state that sometime employers find it difficult to speak with people above them and keep things to themselves which causes barrier. to conclude effective communication barrier is the big disturbance that occur while transforming information from one person to another.

Strategies to Address Complain

Complains are always arise in everyday life. No organization will escape from complain because, everyone does not have the same mentality. According to (Freifeld,2013) it state that complains happen every day.

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Complaints from customers are good and for genuine reason. this discussion is about how to address marks complain, saying that his wife was treated poorly in the labour ward by the nurses.

There are some strategies to solve marks complain as a health manager firstly have to listen and understand his complain. According to (Swyers,2012) it state that listening and understand very careful to the customers patiently even though it sounds tempting and frustrating and know what is their driving concern. secondly acknowledge marks problem admit that your nurses are making mistake. According to (freifeld,2013) state that acknowledging the problem by letting your customer know that your employee or you made mistake and admit. finally, should find solution to his complain by apologizing to him. According to (Everard,2011) state that should find a solution to the complaint by saying apology in a polite manner to the customer.

To conclude Drucker’s (1975) pointed out that “managers need to ask right questions as well as find the best answers” (p.55). therefore, managers need to listen to their customers complain properly to find the best solution.

Effective Managerial Communication

Managerial Communication is a way that helps managers communicate. Managerial communication is a function, idea and system that help the managers to communicate well with the employees and each other within the organization (Management Study ,2019). Effective front line manager is another key to the employee’s organizational engagement (Mishra & Boynton ,2014). This essay is going to discuss about what type of managerial communication are most effective for front line manager. they are interpersonal and organizational communication.

Interpersonal communication is between two people or more than that. Interpersonal communication is a blood life of a business organization because it usually creates a basic and unique structure in the business so that the front line manager and the employee could communicate well with each other which helps business function well (Level&Galle,1988). When there is interpersonal communication there will be easy to have an organizational communication.

Organizational communication is the communication between all levels of organization. Organizational communication concern with the movement of information within the business or Organization with the frontline manager so that it can relay message to everyone within the organization(Lehman&Durfrene,2011-2012)

to conclude effective business communication helps build a good relationship with managers and the staff and increase the productivity of the company(Jack,2017). there for frontline managers must have good communication skills to have an effective managerial communication.

Ways to Improve Managerial Communication Skills

No one is born with the greatest communication skill. Everyone has to go through the process of learning to be great communicators(Juneja,2001). Managerial Communication is a function which helps managers evaluate things and understand each other as well as their employees how to communicate within the organization(Woofter,2015). let’s discuss on ways to improving managerial communication within any organization.

To be a good manage there must be a good listener. listening is a critical nontechnical skill for accounting or financial professionals to know it but it is for the good for managers to be good and active listeners because they are the ones who will control, lead and Organize the organization (Half,2017).

Ask for give feed backs there are a lot of managers and employee are unsure about how they are performing their role in the organization that they work in that way it creates a lot of in confidence between the employees and the managers because they don’t know how the work (Reference,2009)

To conclude improving communication between managers and employees is very important because it is one of the most important steps that an organization need to take towards creating a move cohesive and collaborative workplace. (reference, n. d). everyone in the organization will be happy and the organization will function very well when there is improvement in managerial communication.

Why do Individual wants to Communicate with each other?

communication is common understanding that individual or group communicates because they need something or wants to transfer information. According to (Webster,1828) communication is the act of transferring message or information from one person to another or from one place to another place or even from one group to another. This essay is going to discuss about why individual wants to communicate with each other?

Every individual wants to communicate with each other to share information, or comment on a particular thing, express their needs and wants, ask question for the things that they don’t understands, they can also develop relationship social etiquettes, etc.(Saltillo,2019). for example, classmates from deeper bonding eventually become best friends through individual communication. According to David (2017), supports that communication among individual in important because it serves various purpose in life. it allows us to understand what things we supposed to do and the roles that we have to play in the community, family school, workplace and so forth. Reference (2017) made a research and found out that individual communicating well every day is very important because there will be different people to communicate with at different time when you really need them or else.

To conclude the goal or the desire for individual communication in the mutual understanding(Reference,2011). therefore, communication is more than your needs and wants so there must be individual communication.


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