Effective Communication Essay

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Effective Communication


In healthcare organizations there has to be boundaries that are set in order to ensure that the day to day operations will run smoothly and effectively. There are various positions in the health care organizations and the employees that fill those positions have different designated tasks. The positions can vary from physicians and administrators to other positions like Registered nurses, Licensed practical nurses, medical assistants, secretaries and receptionists. In order for all of these positions to be successfully run, there has to be a chain of command with rules and policies so that things stay in line.

Boundaries are set for a specific reason; job duties have to be separated and doing them in the form of boundaries are one of the healthiest ways of executing them. To have boundaries within the organization, things are kept organized and the focus is steady. If there were no boundaries in healthcare, things would be disorganized and in complete disarray. This paper will discuss the ways that Horizon eye care center shares information within the organization. We will discuss the most effective and ineffective ways of sharing that information. We will examine how the current techniques can be applied or modified in a healthcare work environment and the ways that technology can impact this process.

Effective techniques for sharing information and ideas

Thirty-five years ago, a generic health system schematic consisted of a matrix of vertical clinical and ancillary departments crossed by ad hoc ensembles of workers involved in patients’ care (Neuhauser 1972). A more recent general framework includes three intra-organization levels: patients, care-providing microsystems, and the parent healthcare organization (Berwick 2002; Nelson et al. 2002). The concept of the care delivery team has evolved from the ensemble of workers involved with a given patient’s care to a distinct organizational construct—the microsystem (Cowan 2008).

Within this facility the effective techniques for sharing information have been achieved by letters, emails, telephone calls, conferences, facsimile and intercom. These techniques have always seemed to be the quickest and most efficient way of reaching the entire staff. Letters and memos go out and inform staff members of policy changes, new ways of protocol or company events. Emails are used to give information of company events, quick notices and employee assignments of training or testing. Telephone calls and conferences are held to allow employees to meet with superior staff and conduct open dialogues. Facsimile is used to exchange information quickly between the 4 different offices and intercom gets out emergency information to the entire building immediately.

Ineffective techniques

Some of the ineffective techniques that have been used are the cell phone with text message. It is great to have a phone readily available to employees; however there have been many occasions where the reception was not available. Employees have missed important information via cell phone call or text message and when dealing with a healthcare organization, this is unacceptable. The use of cell phones is convenient; however the uncertainty of availability is not one that was an asset to this organization.

Applying or modifying technique’s in healthcare

The communication techniques that are used to relay information within the organization can be applied or modified in healthcare by simply transferring the channels to the patients. If this organization can implement some of the electronic techniques such as email and conferences with patients, there would be a renewed sense of trust and assurance within the patient physician relationship.

The impact of technology

Technology has a huge impact on the ways that communication is shared in this organization. One of the ways that this organization has utilized technology is by incorporating the EMR system into all of its offices. EMR is electronic medical records this is a benefit because patient information is pulled up and accessed instantly. In addition to using the EMR system, this office has also incorporated the computerized patient check-in system. Patients can use the computerized touch screens to check themselves in, schedule future appointments and look up new services and techniques as well as view office memos and new policies.


“Employees often face communication problems with their boss, subordinates, clients and others. Employees seldom leave these problems at the office; they bring them home to cause even more problems, with their loved ones. Fixing problems at the workplace can make a huge difference in a person’s life. People can heal relationships, get ahead at work, and just plain enjoy more their days at the office”. Taking this information into consideration, healthcare organizations must make sure that the method of communication within has to be efficient and effective, while ensuring that all employees feel comfortable. It is a challenge to balance all of these aspects of communication but healthcare organizations must make sure that they have taken all accounts into consideration. Some things that these organizations should remember when implementing communication methods into their respective facilities are that Effective Workplace Communication Happens When People:

Trust and witness the people they work with (their leaders, peers or reports) acting ethically and honestly

Know their opinions and ideas are meaningful to the success of the organization

Feel safe to express their opinions

Receive information equally and openly

Are highly trained in the requirements of the business and able to interpret the information provided to them

Believe that actions are taken and decisions made with Positive Intent

Feel Responsibility Toward Common Goals

Make use of multiple channels and opportunities to interact and provide information Source: (effective workplace communication 2010)


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