Effective Communication Essay

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Effective Communication

Effective communication is an essential part in any leadership position.  Communication is a two-way process that includes articulating your thoughts well and listening to the suggestions and information coming from other people involved.  It’s through communication that other people in a company would be apprised of how a particular project is going.

In the case of a lead project engineer for Cards4U, to effectively communicate to all people involve in the new card line, the team leader must have an intimate knowledge

of the new project.  Once he has all the information he needs, the lead engineer should create a flowchart to ensure efficiency in the execution.  In response to the chief executive’s request, the flowchart will also help the lead engineer create a good proposal that would showcase the musical cards in the most favorable light.

The specific skills that the lead engineer must have to perform the communication aspect of his job efficiently include: having a strong ability to get his message across; open-mindedness; and ability to listen actively.

As a team leader for a creative venture, the lead engineer must be able to provide a clear explanation and reason for each of the musical card prototype.  If he can’t, he won’t be able to sell his ideas to his boss and to prospective clients.  In the same manner, the team leader must also be open-minded about criticisms regarding the new designs. Keeping an open mind would allow him to objectively assess the validity of each comment.  As for having the skill to listen, the lead engineer would greatly benefit if he’ll take note of verbal and non-verbal messages.  Blair adds that listening also involves asking questions and clarifications and putting yourself in the speaker’s shoes.


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