Effective Classroom Management Plan Essay

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Effective Classroom Management Plan

Teaching is considered as one of the most exciting and challenging professions (Walden University 2009). It is through teaching that everyone is able to learn the things that they needed for their jobs. Everyone can not be a professional without the people who have the ability to teach.

During teaching process, teachers usually experience the pressure when dealing with students who have different cultures, behaviors and attitudes. Therefore, an appropriate teaching plan is necessary to address these differences and to prevent the pressure which can hinder the teacher’s performance. Through a right plan and use of resources, teachers are able to make most out of everything and prepare the students towards their future (Bosch 2006).

Classroom is considered as the most important place for both teachers and students. It is the place where students and teachers freely exchange ideas and learn from each other.  I believe that an appropriate and effective classroom planning is critical in teaching because it aids in imparting knowledge by making the teachers prepared, confident and comfortable with their profession (Bosch 2006).

For me, an effective classroom management planning is not only about establishing rules, rewards and consequences but it is also about the establishment of a mutual relationship between the teacher and the students. If a healthy atmosphere is present, then the teacher will not experience difficulty in teaching and students will learn more.

In addition, the learning process is student centered (Walden University 2009). This means that learning is imparted through the application of the things learned through classroom activities and tasks. Rules, consequences and rewards are there to guide the students on proper behavior and etiquette but they are not limited to what is written. It is through the real happenings that rules are applied and exercised by the students. In the end teachers are there to guide the students not only in learning but also in correct behavioral decision making.

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