Effect of Stereotypes on School Life

Chances are that you are not the protagonist of a high school story where you are a star basketball player, being confined from pursuing a hidden dream, a hidden dream of singing. Many responsible adults will tell the children “Don’t judge someone based on how they are on the outside, but how they are in the inside.” No matter how many times the prominent saying iterates, people never seem to listen. Many individuals put themselves out there to express themselves, to show their true sides, and to present themselves in a way that’s unique to society.

As a high schooler, I see this common process nearly every day. Students are constantly decided into stereotypes that may or may want to be defined as.

In any high schools, there are classic stereotypes: The first-class, nerds, and jocks. Along with the classics, there are the stereotypes unique to my schools, such as the D-hallers and band kids. Everyone one is different, and no two people are the same.

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The difference may be immense between the two people, but they can both be categorized into the same stereotype, and here is why:

The first group is the first-class. They usually are easily identified by the clothing they wear, which are normally name brands. If that isn’t much of a visual cue, try to stand around the carpool lane, and look at the kids who come out of their parent’s new 2018 S650 Cabriolet Mercedes. They are not technically bad people, but the only thing they care about is their image.

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Next we have the nerds. You can ask them how many AP’s and honor classes they have taken, and they can go on for days about the rigorous schedule they have. They don’t accept anything but the best, and one simple mistake on a test or quiz will have them running around in fear and worrying that their perfect 4.0 GPA is about to drop. All in all, they are dedicated, hard-working individuals that want to secure a successful future.

Then we have the jocks. Many of the other stereotypes like to assume that jocks are not very intelligent; some would even say that they have a close resemblance to Neanderthals. They spend 90% of their time on the field, in the locker room, or in the gym, and with little to no regards of their education. Despite the obvious contrast, jocks have a similar attribution to nerds, being that they are highly dedicated to their work, some of which are genuinely nice people.

We now approach the local talent of my high school. We start with the D-hallers, a set of people. Some believe that D-hallers may have come from a different planet; others believe that they may have never seen the sun. These group of people is indescribable, but one thing is for certain, they do love their black, edgy clothing.

Finally, we have the band nerds. To outsiders, it may seem like band nerds are anti-social, completely shut out from everyone else in the world around them, but for band nerds, we are closer than other stereotypes could ever be. From one band to another, we show great appreciation and respect to one another, and like we as band nerds like to refer to it, we are like a second family when we are around each other.

Stereotypes may be an improper way to classify a person, but society will always choose to put you into one anyway. It’s never safe to judge a person’s personality based on their appearance, but people will do it no matter what. My past and current experience in high school may have not necessarily taught me why we as people are stereotyped, but it has taught me what we are stereotyped into and what exactly are the stereotypes I get to see and be in.

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