Effect of Proper Etiquette on People

Without proper etiquette, the world would be a disaster. People would say whatever they think about others, regardless of how harsh it is or disrespectful. We will be nothing less than animals. People would be grossed out by diners who talk with their mouths full of food. Moreover, a world with manners is essential because without them relationships will shatter, we will be just like animals, and people will just think negatively about their self.

Without manners in relationships, there is no possible way that relationship will be stable.

First of all, not everyone is perfect and in order to have a stable relationship, you’ll need to accept their flaws. Additionally showing respect is vital in relationships because when you show respect it means that you accept their differences as well as embrace similarities. According to this quote, “Whether you’re spending time with the love of your life or enjoy hanging out with good friends, you’ll want to follow some important behavior and manners guidelines.

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Even if you feel confident that the other person will love you no matter what, ignoring some of the basic relationship rules can create a rift between you.” (The Spruce) in order to have a healthy relationship with either your friends, family, or love one you’ll need to have proper etiquette because they’ll want to hang out with you more and respect you more.

Manners distinguished us from animals because we humans treat everyone with respect in our community for example race, ethnicity, or personalities we accept them as who they are.

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However, in the animal world, most animals are divided, for example, the bears are with the bears and the monkeys are with the monkeys. According to this quote, “Scientists have suggested that good manners not only distinguish us from the rest of the animal kingdom, they help keep humans free of disease and underpin the co-operation that helps the world go round.” (Daily Mail) we need manners because it’s what differentiates us from animals.

A world without manners could affect people’s self-esteem because having manners is basically the idea of respecting someone. Furthermore, in a world without manners, people will just think about the negative things about themselves because nobody respects them as who they are. According to this quote, “I have yet to meet a single person of either gender, from any nation, of any age who does not like to be appreciated. You may meet someone who breaks this rule, but until then, remember your manners and thank people.” (Scary Mommy) we all love to be appreciated because we personally know a lot about ourselves and when someone respects us we feel like we are something better than what we think about ourselves. So, having proper etiquette could help people someone’s self-esteem drastically.

Just visualize how insane the world would be if no one had proper etiquette rules to follow. We would be living among a huge mob of angry people, relationships will discontinue, we will be nothing more than animals, and the world will be a lot more negative. In other words, manners need to be essential in daily life or the world will be a complete mess.

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