Effect of pollution on heritage structure Essay

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Effect of pollution on heritage structure

This write up is a synopsis to the dissertation ,‘Effect of pollution on Delhi heritage structure Jantar Mantar. ’ It gives an overview of the contents that the final research paper is likely to cover the effect of different types of pollutions like air ,light, sound etc. & pollutants on the materials used for construction of Jantar Mantar & also the different techniques to prevent pollution in that area. Keywords : Effect, pollutants, techniques, Introduction: Heritage structures are known as identity of our nation & as citizens of this country it is our duty to protect them.

Jantar Mantar is one of the important heritage structures in Delhi. We generally use electrical devices or books to get information about time , astrological data, year calendar, position of sun, moon at particular days but in Jantar Mantar this data is conveyed directly through instruments placed their. Aim : To study effect of pollution on Delhi’s heritage structure Jantar Mantar. Objectives: •Study of different types of pollutants &their effect on structure. •To study the different types of pollution level in that particular area. •To findout various techniques to preotect the structure from pollution.

Scope of study: •Population in that area & its effect on structure. •Climatic conditions of Delhi . •Study of different types of pollutions like sound pollution ,light pollution & their effect on structure. •Materials used for structure 1. Properties of materials 2. Amount of usage •Timeline •Ways to prevent the structure from this damage Limitations of study: •To study the materials used for construction of “Jantar Mantar”. •Properties of materials . •Study of different pollutants & their effect on structure. •Different types of pollutions affecting structure. •Different ways to control the pollution.

Research Questions: •What is effect of population on the structure? 1. Due to increasing population daily usage of vehicles is increased that is increasing the air pollution level tremendously. •What are the materials used for construction? 1. White marble which is used at the top of red sandstone on which scale is Ingraved. •What are the different types of pollution affecting structure? 1. Air pollution 2. Sound pollution •Different types of pollutants affecting building 1. Sulphur dioxide, sulphates. 2. Nitrogen oxide, nitrates. 3. Chlorides, Carbon dioxide & Ozone.

If the level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere is increased as much as the most pessimistic predictions, the increase in rainfall acidity this gas will cause is relatively minor. It is the reactions of other pollutant gases, such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, that produce the more acidic rainfall. Sulphur dioxide reacts with water in the atmosphere to produce sulphurous acid (H2SO3). This is what is popularly referred to as ‘acid rain’. •What are the different techniques to reduce the pollution? Methodology : Refrences: (n. d. ). Retrieved 09 12, 2013, from buildingconservation_files: www. buildingconservation_files. com

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