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Effect of Marijuana on Fertility Essay

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Since way back then, there has always been a controversial debate about the legality of Marijuana, where one opposes the medical benefit utilization in the controversy of the diverse costs from Marijuana effect. Marijuana could be classified in different categories of drugs in which the intention lies to the user. Marijuana was found to be useful in therapeutic patients suffering from severe health problem conditions. A wide range of medical purposes are effectively useful with Marijuana intake, such as treating a patient with a Neuropathic Pain caused by the nerve damage, Spasticity, Glaucoma, & Movement Disorder (NORML, 2008).

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In the further studies of effectiveness in Cannabis, scientists suggested Marijuana as the chief stimulant drugs to enhance appetite in patients suffering from HIV, AIDS wasting syndrome, and Dementia (NORML, 2008). The greatest findings of Marijuana use in medicinal term are as for anti-nausea in cancer chemotherapy and as a treatment for depression and mood disorders in Alzheimer’s patient (NORML, 2008). Marijuana contains the THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) chemical, in which a minimum of 20 number active ingredients within (Lewis, 2006).

THC chemicals stay for a long period of time inside the fat molecules of human system, thus active smokers may have problem in the status of their fertility (Lewis, 2006). Apparently inside human sperms are attached the cannabinoid receptors as it naturally named as the Anandamide in which it stimulates and triggers the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and other human organs not excluding the sex organ (Lewis, 2006). Biologically evidence based plays significant role in the reproduction of natural cannabinoids in human.

The increased load of cannabinoids in people who abuse marijuana could overflow natural endocannabinoid-signal systems in reproductive organs and negatively impact fertility (NORML, 2008). Due to the presence of active cannabinoid receptors inside the human sperm, studies have been done in further details about the cause of unusual infertility among men and women, it was suggested in which the THC chemicals produce higher tendency of hazarding male reproduction system rather than female (Lewis, 2006).

Even the chances of female being infertile by an excessive use of Marijuana, cannabinoid receptors are also found in female reproductive system, in the intense level continuation of marijuana use, small amount of THC is concealed in the vaginal fluid (University of Buffalo, 2003). During the process of conceiving when the sperm comes into contact with THC, the drug soaks the sperm changing it into over stimulated (University of Buffalo, 2003).

In contrary to the female relationship reproduction system and Marijuana, the case is more advanced in male’s reproduction system. Sperm in Marijuana smokers moves too fast and too early in term of the wrong timing and the incapability of reaching the egg inside the vaginal canal (University of Buffalo, 2003). Frequent Marijuana or Cannabis smokers tend to have a wrong timing of the burn-out before the fertilization inside the vaginal canal when the sperm is over stimulated and moving at slower pace before it gets in touch with the egg (University of Buffalo, 2003).

When this phenomenon occurs, the probability of sperm and egg meeting up is at its modest phase, hence this may not be the possible reason of the sperm moving too fast and too early. The event of sperm being too fast and too early may caused by another occurrence in which the THC chemicals might be finding a way around the natural inhibition mechanism of fertilization (University of Buffalo, 2003).


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