Effect Of Fear On My Life


I understand fear, fear ran my life. I was afraid of everything, just to get up and go outside I was afraid. Multiple effects on every day life. I couldn’t step foreword and I know I couldn’t go back. It felt like I was in a cage, trying to escape. But I didn’t even know how to free myself. Fear is something that people cause and put on themselves, living as if you are connected to another person, that is not there.

Walking around looking at women, not having any self-a – steam. Fear can cause people to lose weight, because you stop eating, anxiety sates in, then there is no appetite. You are so busy thinking someone is going to take something from you, that didn’t belong to you in first place. Compering yourself to other women, trying to make yourself look and be someone that you are not, all I needed to do is be myself.

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Oh, yea and sleep issues. Sleeping, I couldn’t do. I moved around all the time because, sleep came with dreams, dreams came with nightmares.

Sleep Issues

Fear just will come, I was not always in fear, I was care free and believing in me. I had to find me again and I walked in other people’s shadows, finding me was hard. Letting go of other people running and controlling me, myself and I. Letting go of multiple effects on my every day life. After dislocating his shoulder in St George Illawarra’s round three win over the Broncos, fear was there and the 30-year-old had played his last game in the NRL before his move to Washington State, in the Super League next year.

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(Carsbad 2019). The amazon’s production cuts and geopolitical uncertainty surrounding output from Iran, Libya and Venezuela have driven oil higher so far this year, after oversupply’s, high gross prices late in 2018, fear is lurking around people are trying to hold back the tide of fear; fear of attacks, fear of unemployment, fear of a world of increasing uncertainty-there seems to be no getting away from fear. Before this, in August, her no-contact order was revised to include more restrictions in the case of the men’s behavior. (Wollongong N. S. W. 2019).


But when a draft report was issued in September 2018, Student 4 said she noticed inaccuracies in multiples. Fervency allegedly did not include a witness, locations of incidents were reported incorrectly and both the Claimant and the Respondent were even reported that they both were in the wrong School. Most importantly, Student 4 said, allegations of no-contact violations were not included in preliminary drafts “There are no winners in a situation like this but it felt like I had lost, and he had won,” Student 1 said. “It’s already really upsetting because I know that this will always affect me more than it will ever affect him. (Wollongong N.S.W.2019). Sure, getting a cold because you missed a few sleeps at night can be a pain. but what happens when sleep becomes lacking, it begins to affect your relationships withothers also your emotions. I’m the one who must deal with the fall out of all of what he doses and I will always have to continue with that, and it affects my everyday life and how I live.


Thinking about the situation with logic and We all experience uncertainty and failure, and connecting with someone about those issues can remind you that you’re not alone emotions being. removed can also help you get back in the game. If you ask yourself why you failed and take a close look at your decisions without letting your feels and emotions get in the way, it will not only help you feel better, but it will help you not fail the next time. “An expectation is that medication and therapy are going to fix your kid,” she said. “But the relationship you have with your kid is key. I wanted him to know he needs to manage emotions, have the coping skills and the language he needed by age 18 to be the adult he can be, despite having these diagnoses. “It is easy to imagine that one cannot get emotions being rid today [but] takes them to tomorrow, meaning tension increases all the time.” (Wollongong, N.S.W. 2019)

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