Effect of changing the temperature Essay

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Effect of changing the temperature

Aim: Effect of changing the temperature on the resistance of a thermistor I am going to find out has the temperature effects the thermistor’ resistance in the circuit. Planning Method: 1) Clear the table and take off the needless thing 2) Use the wires to link all the equipment to complete the circuits. 3) Put about 25cm3 water in the beaker. 4) Turn on the gas to boiling the water. 5) Look at the thermometer and record the p. d and current each 5 C 6) Repeat this experiment. 7) Put all data into table. 8) Calculation the resistance and draw the graphs. The equation is: Resistance(R) = Potential different (p. d. )

Current (I) Appliance list: Wires- Use these wires to link all appliances to complete the circuit. Power Supply- Use these supply the energy into circuit. Thermistor- I use this to change the resistance in the circuit. Voltmeter- Measuring the volt in the circuit across the thermistor. Ammeter- Measuring the current in the circuit through the thermistor. Beaker- Have thermistor and water made above at same temperature. Bunsen burner- I am boil the water and increasing the temperature of thermistor. Thermometer- Measuring the temperature of the thermistor. Tripod- Standing on Bunsen burner and put beaker on the tripod.

Safety goggles- Protect the eye when I use the Bunsen burner. Wire gauze with asbestos centre- It protest the beaker did not broken and beaker easy to stay on the stand. In my diagram I put voltmeter across the thermistor the measuring the volt and put ammeter in front of thermistor the measuring the current flow to thermistor. In a series circuit there have power supply, ammeter and thermistor. Because in the series circuit the current is the same at all point in the path, but the current in the parallel circuit divides between the different paths it rejoins where the parallel paths meet .

So the ammeter should put in the series circuit. In the parallel circuit there just have voltmeter. Because the potential difference between two points in a circuit is the difference in electrical potential energy for change moved between those two points. Because potential different is the energy different between two points. The thermistor is a semi- conductor a mixture of oxides of manganese and nickel. Its resistance varies with temperature. When thermistor is heated, it make electricity more easily. This is because the rise in temperature makes more free electrons available to carry the current.

The higher the temperature, the thermistor will less the resistant. So I will use the Bunsen burner to boil the water to increase the thermistor temperature. And the resistance will decrease. I use the voltmeter and ammeter to measuring how many current and the volt in the circuits, and find out the thermistor resistant. And I will use suitable size measuring the current and volt. For example: If I use the large size ammeter and voltmeter the mark will move very small I can not easy and exactness to see the current and volt changing. Prediction: In experiment I expect the temperature increasing, the resistance will decrease.

Because in the circuit have thermistor. It will change the resistance with temperature. If I draw the graph the temperature and resistance will look like the diagram 2 In the graph the low temperature decrease the resistance is more than the hot temperature. Because the thermistor atoms starting activity. There increasing the free atoms and the current will flowing faster and more. In high temperature decrease the resistance much low because the water is boiling (100 C), it could not increasing. When I do my experiment, I should clear the table and take off the needless thing.

Because I use the Bunsen burner, it could burn the book or paper. And than before I used the Bunsen burner must close the air hole, if I did not close the fire will strike back. I put the beaker on the wire gauze with asbestos centre and smooth and steady. If water fall down and the appliance to be wet. The circuits would be short, it is very danger every one. Before I do the experiment, I try doing one time to see what the current and volt change and make sure the circuit all right and safety. I could see when the temperature is increasing and the voltmeter is decrease and ammeter is increase.

In my experiment I use the ammeter and voltmeter measuring the current and volt. I will use suitable size measuring the current and volt. For example: If I use the too large or small size ammeter and voltmeter the moving range will very small or unclear. It is hard to record the current and volt chancing. I will repeat this experiment because I want check the data. I will calculate the average of resistance. I would make the graph fair and decrease the error. I put all data in the table; it makes the data clear and easy finds out the error.

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