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The company which is into manufacturing plastic bottles for the detergent industry requires a great deal of resources to be managed for fetching optimized costs, synchronism among various processes, managing the supply chain of the company, managing the customer relationship using IT and to create professional sense for managing the business.

The JD Edwards-Enterprise One is an effective method to fetch right degree of mapping of an organization so that the supply chain of a business is effectively managed to reduce running costs and costs related to effort and time to interact among the business peripherals/ departments like operations, administration, human resources, finance and many others (Oracle.com, 2008).

The JD Edwards would facilitate the organization for the following:

1. It minimizes the cost of supply chain, resource management and integration among the business departments for fetching the resources timely and cost effectively.

2. The seamless integration to manage the supply chain of the business processes is made possible using the ERP system JD Edwards.

3. The handling of various issues and exceptional situations takes a professional turn and is managed under controlled environment.

The traditional system of the organization was incurring large running costs and was not able to tap resources for fetching the exact order in the resource management and to organize the very distribution of resources for better management of the final product.

The JD Edwards ERP solution for the organization would bring wholesome professionalism and management of the resources to achieve the very objective of the business.

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