Edward R. Murrow – The Father of Broadcast Journalism Essay

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Edward R. Murrow – The Father of Broadcast Journalism

The movie ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ portrays the early 1950s when America experienced the threat of communism that created fear amongst Americans. There were even some who took advantage of such situations such as Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. But there was one person who knew of his scheme and did everything to expose his deception amongst the people, this was Edward Murrow. This film showed his and his producer’s pursuit to expose the truth.

The bravery and determination of Edward Murrow to reveal the truth by the use of media made him known as the father of broadcast journalism. The bravery of Edward Murrow to deliver only the truth to his viewers was one of the reasons why he was well known during the 1950s. This movie showed how far Murrow would go just to reveal the truth. He did not consider the danger that would come with his plan to expose the public deception of Senator McCarthy. Being a journalist and a democrat, he had in him the drive to let the public know the truth no matter what (“MURROW, EDWARD R. U. S. Broadcast Journalist”).

Because of this dedication, people saw him as a person who upholds public service at its best; until now, he is known for his bravery in exposing the truth. The pursuit of Edward Murrow to expose the truth about the public deception of Senator McCarthy showed his determination to reveal the truth and save his fellow Americans. Murrow made use of his resources to uncover the truth behind the communism threat to America imposed primarily by Senator McCarthy.

When chaos was dominating the society, Murrow knew that he had to do something to bring back the peace among the people. He served as the voice of the people, exposing information after information of the truth behind the “red scare” that started chaos all over America (Jeff, n. d. ). Edward Murrow not only served as a journalist who wanted to reveal the truth, but most importantly he served as a hero for the Americans in their time of crisis. He did not think of the danger that he would encounter in his pursuit to expose the truth.

He believed that the people deserve to know the truth and, him being a journalist, he knows that it is his job to deliver the truth to the public. Because of his bravery and dedication to his work, he was acknowledged by journalists as a person to look up to and an epitome of “journalistic excellence” (“MURROW, EDWARD R. U. S. Broadcast Journalist”). These and many more are the reasons why Edward Murrow is regarded as the father of broadcast journalism.

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