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Educational opportunities

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Every individual in the society has their own plans and ambitions in their life and this aspect in their life is generally affected by their views of the real world and their philosophy towards life. I guess what I am really trying to say is that the ambitions and goals of an individual determines much his or her personality and outlook in life. Through this idea that I am presenting myself now as I reflect on my plans and goals in life which is significantly affected by my past.

Through my previous experiences and outlook towards life in my present environment that I want to draw my future by making a difference in the world in relation to the career that I have chosen. Five years ago when I was still in Korea, I have seen the reality of the social issue of healthcare problems and how it affect the society. Many people need medical services and assistance yet there are only limited institutions and personnel to attend to these needs.

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That is when I realize that I do want to help the society through making an important stand in this social aspect and make a difference for the development of the healthcare service. Commonly, people with this philosophy take up the career of being a physician to realize their goals but this is not exactly the only way. Right then, I have decided on becoming a nurse. Why did I decide on becoming a nurse instead of other healthcare professions? Basically, I have considered two specific concepts into my career decision namely the past that I have previously stated and my personal ideology.

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In my career choice, I have identified two significant questions that I believe are important in determining one’s objective towards his or her choices. This is when I contemplated on the ideas whether my choice of profession is related to my personal ego with the sense of achieving power and social prestige or is it related to the my passion of helping the society. In this point, I have decided deeply in myself that I want to be in a profession that I am comfortable in exercising my affection of helping the people and making a difference beneficial for the society.

Another factor that contributed to my profession choice is the timeframe of my plans and objectives. Of course, every people have their own time plans in their life determining much when will they are to achieve their goals. For me, this aspect is also important as I want to start exercising my chosen profession the soonest to my capabilities, as I believe the society needs it much at the present. Pursuing the career of being a physician would take me much more time however, the services of the nursing profession is now in-demand and is much needed by the people.

Thus, I followed my choice to become a nurse as this is the most efficient channel to exert my passion in terms of availability and present demand in the healthcare aspect. Pursuing the nursing profession that I have decided upon has given me a clear view of the picture that I want. In this future, I intend to give out something significant to the society and make a contribution to the betterment of the present healthcare system. One of my primary objectives is to become a healthcare provider especially for the geriatric patients and influence the healthcare system towards them into something better and more effective to their advantage.

In this aspect, I can firmly reason out that my choice of profession is basically my way of becoming something for the people and making a difference for the development of the healthcare system. I decided on taking in this path as I believe that my personal passion and ideology will be something in this field of career and will be of use for the benefits of the society. In a foreign society, it is a fact that individuals who are now indigenously rooted on the community must struggle to fit in and be accepted.

There a re actually many barriers in this aspect and one of which is the financial burden which, specifically, student must endure. I, for one, as a foreign nursing student in the American society must endure all of the cultural and financial burdens as I believe that the success in level of sophistication in this society will mean something significant for the ideology. Presently, as I am pursuing the profession I have chosen namely the nursing aid in the healthcare aspect, I believe that one of the most important medium that can significantly aid my vision and dream is the Straightforward Media Minority Scholarship.

Aside from the financial assistance that this scholarship can give me, I strongly believe that the Straightforward Media Minority Scholarship can also open up wider possibilities for my visions and potentials. Indeed, in my goal of being someone significant in making a chance in the present healthcare system of the society, this scholarship will manifests as my beacon of light to the path of my success.

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