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Educational Memories Essay

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I first came into Wakefield City High School on September 1994. I had to go to the hall for an assembly. I was nervous I didn’t know anyone. There was no one else from my old school just me. I was sat down feeling nervous in the assembly just then the head of lower school called out my name. They decided which tutor group I should go to Mrs Ellis’s classroom. I made a few friends in my class Tariq, Ajmal, Safdar and Zulfiqar.

At first we all used to have the same timetable and I would ask them which lessons we would have next and which room the lesson would be held.

But then gradually we were put into different groups meaning different timetable. Most of the teachers didn’t like us. In maths we would look in the back of textbooks for answers that would be in are maths work. In science we made a mess of all the experiments.

I broke three beakers and two test tubes, once I squirted hydrochloric acid at the black board the mark is still there. My music teacher liked me because I was good at the essays and minor music tests. I scored a high mark in the music exam but I was awful at playing music. I blew up the keyboard adapter.

We would throw water balloons at everyone in the winter and set of bangers at bonfire week. In food technology the teacher hated are cooking we never cleaned up after we had finished. In art we used to draw pictures on are art folders even though she told us not to draw on them. We would draw a picture of a liver floating in a swimming pool and write next to it Liver+pool FC. My art teacher was Austrian and she would were these big black German boots and walk very disciplined like a solider. I thought she was related Adolph Hitler.

In D+T resistant materials we had a teacher called Mr Taylor. Mr Taylor was tall and was a very moody person. When he was drunk he was alright. But when he was sober he was on a short fuse. He would never repeat himself. If anyone in the class asked, “sir what was the question I didn’t understand it sir” he would start shouting and tell you to just do your work. He was tall skinny and atleast 30 years old. He would wear a white shirt with black pants. His hair had a lot of gel on it and his sideburns were completely shaved of.

He always thought he was cool so he always brushed the side of his hair back. He never use to send students to isolation but he sent me because I was outside the school uniform by wearing white trainers. Whenever he explained to the whole class the work, what we had to do. I always fell asleep. So I always washed my face before entering the classroom. If you did anything wrong he would give dirty look and make you look like an idiot as though you are stupid and not clever. In the last two years all the teachers started getting on with me. I started doing well in my science and D+T.

I got a high score in my science modular tests and I was predicted a c in my final G. C. S. E exam. In D+T I got a c for my coursework in G. C. S. E project Table. In my final two years at school Mr Taylor would not talk about work in D+T because we know what we had to do finish the design work. Instead Mr Taylor what talk about general interests and all kinds of things that he heard on the news saw in the papers or saw on TV. Most of al this talk was irrelevant but it was just to keep us company while we were working in the workshop and in the classroom.

He would even put the radio on in the workshop and we would often have debates. He would view us as engineers including himself, which he was and he viewed the common man as underpaid labourers. He told us about his last job that he would operate a machine. He would just set the material on the machine and program the machine, then he would let the labourer do all the moving and lifting basically the heavy work. He said all this with confidence thinking non-of us would become a labourer, he thought we would all do well with his help D+T.

He developed a relationship, which went from student and teacher to colleagues, and everyone knew what to do. We developed confidence in the workshop. I would use the sander and go into the store cupboard looking for whatever I needed to assemble the project. I would use all the machines, tools and equipment in my surrounding. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mildred Taylor section.

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