Educational Issues on the Internet Essay

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Educational Issues on the Internet

Fundamentally this term education is a Latin word which means “to bring up”. It is the most significant sense with respect to experiences as education is the finest way of effecting one’s mind, it can revolve the characteristics and can produce unique ability in individuals as well. In year 1966 United Nations recognized and formed right to get education which was for the entire world and highlighted the concept of education as well. In the same year different ways and techniques of education were also presented in which it was defined that this is basically a process in which students are involved in order to learn numerous things.

Besides this the words instruction were also illustrated that it is the procedure of delivering and conveying information by an instructor. (R. A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. , 2002) In early days education was not very much common in all areas and with every class of people, as initially there was only elementary education which consists almost five to seven years. At that time the general approach was that education should be given at primary level and should be structured in a way that the phase of schooling should be started at the age of six.

But this thinking was almost instantaneously changes when UNESCO had taken an initiative and launched an educational program and declared it as Education for All. (Blurton, 1999) After the formation of above mentioned program the concepts of education taken a next step towards success and the concept of primary and secondary education was presented. But in this era, numerous technologies were developed and designed which revolved around the approaches of teaching and education.

Technology has a great influence on education as these days computer and cell phones are used to present innovative ideas of learning. This unique way of learning was declared as online education or virtual education system. By these approaches, the concept of distance learning was also presented in front of us. In year 1969 the first distance learning university was established which was named as The Open University of the United Kingdom. Similarly, after the success of this university numerous other universities were also established.

(Roblyer, 2006) But with the emerging concepts, styles and innovative approaches of education on computer and internet, numerous sorts of issues were seen as well. The most important issue of education on the internet is that there are numerous sites available for different subjects having endless number of resources but all these sites did not cover every age group issues as their level of education is same for all the users that log in to that specific website that confuse the students as their mental level did not match.

Other then this we often noticed that education on internet is again a big issue in such case where sites are designed in such an order that all the lesson plans are available, along with lessons references are also provided for the students but the issue arises at the point that such websites are not as much effective as no source of direct interaction with teachers and authors are available. (Roblyer, 2006) Internet sites are offering numerous tests based web sites and they are also providing sample test papers so that students can have complete and deep knowledge of subjects and the pattern of exam questions. (Leland, 2002)

Besides the above mentioned issues, one more point that proves that education over the internet is a big hurdle is that the distance learning users and clients have to consider the point that their computers are upgrade according to the latest software, hardware requirement. Similarly connectivity over internet and telephone line, maintenance, support supplies are the things that should be upgraded and maintained in order to get uninterrupted education on internet as these days numerous websites and software are designed according to new technologies which required great and appropriate configuration and protections.

Along with such issues plagiarism is another big hurdle in education as there are number of students who when have a desire to study some unique and fine material then for this they have to be aware of numerous sites as education on internet is not as much fair and fine in every manner. There are numerous sites that students should avoid like Genius papers, a web named as Lazy students, Research assistance and some other sites as well.

Beside this there are other sorts of fraud also notified as students over internet are asked to access the different documents by paying some amount, this fees started from almost $10 per page. (Schevitz, 1999) In addition with the issue of plagiarism there other problem of education on internet is that there are numerous authors and writers who does not go through the upgrading theories and approaches and just presented their work on the basis of their previous researches.

So in order to avoid such issues students should look careful their reference page so by this they can came t know that either the author has utilized new technique by following innovative approaches and methods or not. (Roblyer, 2006) Beside these issues one more thing that should be noticed is students cannot work as team over internet when team work when needed. Although internet users can collaborate on the internet using different tools, however the direct and face to face communication and effort on projects are missing over education on the internet.

(Leland, 2002) According to a research it has been notified that education on the internet does not provide good reading skills to the students, this sort of problem got a solution by providing learner-controlled sort of things that contains picture menu as well, linear sequencer and some other solutions as well but the problem remains unsolved as the students are still fail in developing better reading skills. (Blurton, 1999) In a nut shell, we can conclude that the internet is providing a great number of sources and opportunities for the students.

Among them social networking is the significant one which have been rapidly accepted by the students of every age group as all of them is extremely much fascinated by this sort of new opportunity which enhance their self presentation, self learning skills, managing numerous things and other facilities as well. The biggest advantage is that their networking will increase. Along with this numerous authors and writers are still of the idea that only innovative approaches over internet education and development of new technologies is not the only way to provide better learning system, managements of things have its significance as well.

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