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Educational institution Essay


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-­‐American textbooks

-­‐military officers served as teachers and school administators

-­‐Thomasites (trained teachers from US)

-­‐School attendancewasn’t mandatory

-­‐children willhave  to go home and help their parents.

Communal set up.

Harvest breaks guys:>

Issues in American Period:

‐ Discrimination amongst teachers

-­‐ Americans dictated the curriculum

-­‐ English was used as a second language: in schools
-­‐ Funding
-­‐ Fit between curriculum and society

 Philippine Society today

 -­‐agricultural capital investment is low.

Big implantations, engage a lot of people for harvesting

-­‐manufacturing  big labor intensive factories, (textiles, furniture, clothes)  shrinking: wage prices is increasing


Knowledge based economy
-­‐graduates from priority courses (needed for de’vt) = 41.

7%  is not  only the solutions of our government.

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