Educational Goals Essay

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Educational Goals

I am working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media Design. I chose this because it combines two things that I am highly interested in – technology and creativity. I also researched the percent increase in jobs in the field over the past few years, which was higher than several other programs I looked into.

After taking a few classes at Eastern Illinois University in Management Information Systems, I decided that computer programming and networking was not for me. I was not very good at networking and I did not enjoy programming. However, there was one class that seemed to be a lot different than all the other ones I was taking. It was an Information Presentation class where we worked with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Google Sketch up, and Windows Movie Maker.

Another reason I chose this program is because technology, as we all know, is always changing and growing. I feel like there will always be jobs in this area and new ones being created. I know I will not receive any immediate benefits after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree because I work for a non-for-profit company mostly funded by the state of Illinois. However, with that degree I will have the opportunity to apply for other jobs in other places as it is typically a requirement for the type of job I want.

There are about 12 classes I need to take to complete the program since I’ve already transferred in all of the general education requirements. I am just taking Learning Strategies for the summer to brush up on some things and get used to taking a class completely online. It is also a prerequisite for all the other classes I need to take. In the fall, I will take the first two required classes. I am a bit cautious to take more than 2-3 a semester right away since I work full time, have a 5 year old daughter, and haven’t had any classes since 2009.

I assume it will take me roughly two years to finish this program. That includes taking classes in the summer. I am not trying to finish it quickly I just want to finish eventually in order to secure my daughter’s future.

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