Educational assessment and evaluation, Essay

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Educational assessment and evaluation,

The primary purpose of education is to enable learning
The purpose of the assessment should be described and classified, whether formative or summative?
whether student focused or program focused?
For specific assessment, the following should be specified:
Scoring, reporting and utilization of results

ASSESSMENT – concerned with making judgments about the value, worth or quality of learning process Since evaluation involves judgments, it is important for educational managers to discuss and agree about the purpose of any evaluation activity and the criteria to be used in making judgments

1. Evaluation for accountability
Several levels can be identified:
national, local education( division or district),institutional,departmental School recognitions and accreditation
Annual comparative data
2. Evaluation for improvement purposes
School strive for better outcomes for their learners
School need ways of evaluating how good the learning outcomes are How the outcomes may be sustained or improved
Outcomes in Education
1. A well educated individual
-complete with skills, knowledge and abilities
a. Formative evaluation
b. Summative evaluation
c. 2. Achievements
d. -refers to the achievement of the students in terms of examinations, tests, term papers and other scale national or international examinations such as: e. National Achievement Test (NAT)
f. Career assessment
g. Board examinations

3. The added value of the school The whole-institutions quality and effectiveness measured by examination results brings added value to the school.

4. Learning skills
Learning is a creative process in which the learner designs his own understandings and skills, imbibing new knowledge and experience while relating them to previous experiences.

5. Social and life skills
Range of Intelligences and talents may broaden the range of educational aspirations such as creativity, cooperation, motivation and other interpersonal and social skills. Learning is done in social interactions.

6. Satisfaction
Consultation from the stakeholders of the school
Improvement of satisfaction is an important achievement of schools 7. Destination of Graduates
Follow-up of graduates
Employability is in terms of
a. Waiting time
b. Job fitness

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