Education versus Experience Essay

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Education versus Experience

The topic under discussion today is experience versus education. Can experience make up for the lack of a degree, or does a degree provides something that experience cannot? Is one more valuable than the other? Talk about a discussion that will have you chasing your tail! It’s truly a trap debate because the right answer is ‘it depends’ (Author: John Ha www. reliableplant. com). This means that we can not give an overall view to the worlds prospective. In this essay I will prop up the experience group as weighed against to the education as according to me it is more worthy and admirable.

Although both the terms are by hook or by crook inter related but still there is one chief difference in the two. Education can be gained through experience but there is no chance of gaining experience through education as experience is only achieved by understanding different circumstances. There is an immense need of understanding the meaning of different textbooks educating you with different things. This understanding can only be gained through experiencing the unusual circumstances of life. This means that although education is awfully essential part of our lives but it can not hammer the experience that an aged person has.

In my eyes experience can tackle a problem without education whereas the education cannot tackle a problem without experience. In this article I am sustaining the experience and philanthropic worth to experience as weighed against to the education. In this article more focus is on firefighters and paramedics that require more experience than education. Even a highly educated person cannot deal an emergency as well as a lesser educated and more experienced person can. ‘Education is the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill, mind, character, etc especially by formal schooling, teaching and training’ (Webster’s Dictionary).

This means that education is only amassing of knowledge about something but we are not proverbial with the things which will ensue when we will try to put this knowledge into it. ‘What is education, knowledge in basic skills, academics, technical, discipline, citizenship or is it something else? Our society says only scholastic nitty-gritty are imperative and that is based on accumulating knowledge without understanding its worth. How about the processing of knowledge, using muse, farsighted ambitions, creativity, risk, ability to rebound back from failure, motivation?

Most education institutions don’t deem these skills. These skills are allied with understanding the value of knowledge. There is a huge disconnected gap and this is a problem for high school students in particular’ (www. motivation-tools. com). This is education all about and what we can dig up and be on familiar terms with from education. ‘Experience is the act of living through an event or events; personal involvement in or observation of events as they occur’ (Webster’s Dictionary). We can be the expert in any subject only by being greatly experienced in the certain subject.

It is not a subject of our school time tables. Here it means that the subject of our life. It means that certain profession of our life for example Firefighter-Paramedics. ‘Experience refers to the nature of the events someone or something has undergone. Experience is what is happening to us all the time as long as we exist. Experience, used in the present tense, refers to the slanted nature of one’s contemporary existence. Humans have a multitude of expressions, behaviors, language, emotions, etc. that typify and transmit our moment-to-moment experiences.

Experience, used in the past tense, refers to the accumulated product (or residue) of past experiences e. g. , after many hours of training and practice building furniture out of wood, we now consider him to be an experienced wood craftsman’ (www. wilderdom. com). We are more in concern with the experience from the past. The events that took place and what we learnt from them. “Firefighters are rescuers comprehensively trained first and foremost to put out perilous fires that threaten civilian populations and property to salvage people from car accidents, collapsed and burning buildings and other such situations.

The increasing convolution of modern industrialized life with an increase in the scale of hazards has stimulated both advances in firefighting technology and a broadening of the firefighter-rescuer’s remit. They occasionally provide emergency medical services” (WIKIPEDIA). This is one source that requires more experience in there profession. “A paramedic is a medical professional, habitually a member of the emergency medical service, who principally provides pre-hospital sophisticated medical and trauma care.

A paramedic is emotional with providing emergency on-scene treatment, catastrophe intrusion, and life-saving stabilization and, when apposite, convey of ill or injured patients to definitive emergency medical and surgical treatment facilities, such as hospitals and trauma centers” (WIKIPEDIA). This is another field which acquires mostly the experience than education. Although the education is very essential part in this profession but without experience it is almost impossible to deal with emergency cases. This is the reason giving great importance to the experience sectors.

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