Education today Essay

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Education today

Given the increasing information and diversity surrounding education today, teachers and administrators are trying to fill in the task and responsibility to cater to active facilitation and instruction. That is why each one had advocated several strategies and methods that can seek to intensify not only the way content is delivered but also extracting different possibilities. In the end, by constantly seeking to adhere to both standards and needs of students, the educational system can better itself in providing the needed outcomes of 21st century education.

In my own perspective, I feel that the effort to reach out and enhance an educational experience is there however, there are certain loopholes and obstacles that continue to impede the process of further application. For example, administrators provide the needed mechanisms for overseeing that the curriculum is in-line with the standards provided. Consequently, the provisions of these standards are often specific only on seeking test scores as the primary measurement in determining student competency.

It fails to look into other alternatives that shape and hone student life. Though it is an important process to start with, it does not mean that such idea should only revolve on such. At the same time, the educational sector has been opening up its doors towards diversity as it continues to make its curriculum and content multicultural in understanding. It aligns itself with both the understanding of cultural traditions and conceptualizes on frameworks that will generate results.

Despite this, there are still unequal practices that continue to exist among members of the academic community. There is still a gap between the actual frameworks existing with the real thing that is happening. Take into consideration the level of commitment that a professor gives towards people lagging behind in class because of language barriers. In here, it can be observed that there should be a support system that can cultivate better comprehension and understanding of the subject.

Such idea may or may not exist in today’s classrooms. Likewise interaction and communication has been integral in student development. It can be seen that the educational sector has shown significant effort in catering to this idea. They had actively involved parents and the community in generating support mechanisms that will further harness the skills and talents of an individual. Though this may seem to be the case, there are still impediments that take place.

For example, inclusion may indeed happen in the classroom however this may not necessarily be the case as students reach outside the four walls of the classroom. The environment itself may connote separation and unequal treatment. For students to actively appreciate such idea, both parents and the community have the responsibility of creating an environment that is encompassing and assistive towards growth. Lastly, engagement in extra-curricular activities is another channel wherein each student can rediscover and tap into his/her potential.

Many educational institutions advocate that indeed classroom work does not solely determine achievement. Rather, it is the holistic interplay among extra-curricular activities and academic capability. For example, schools and universities can encourage greater participation in volunteer work and clubs engaging in civic activities. Not only can this create and rediscover the passion for reaching out, it can also incorporate and impart the values, principles and mission that the educational institution have to students and the community.

To conclude, the educational system has made significant progress towards creating a multicultural education. It has tapped into different issues of concern and sought to create frameworks that will adhere to the needs of students. However, this also brought about new challenges and obstacle that had to be addressed accordingly. By actively realizing the parameters and areas of change, they can be dynamic towards tackling 21st century education.

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