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Education – teacher

Education Many people in the world think that education is an absolutely wonderful thing and that its necessary by all means. Yes it is a good thing and is needed to be more successful but it is not necessary by all means. Education can set you up to be more success and in the long run make more money but also it can take away from the importance of outside experiences and street smarts. As school goes on it even becomes less enjoyable because its more of the things that they believe is what needs to be taught and not what the student is interested in.

In many students’ opinions, most classes they take in college and even high school provide them with no type of worthy knowledge or experience for the real world. It is there to just suck money from you and act as almost like a filler. Throughout high school, the material learned often looks past fiscal obligations and real life challenges. In high school, most courses tend to deal with complex mathematics and scientific equations that the average American citizen wouldn’t dream of using in their daily routine. Most intellect that is used is often the simple knowledge that we acquired in elementary.

Who has gone to the supermarket and whipped out a calculus equation? Who needed a scientific formula to mow their lawn? Usually the common individual doesn’t think about mnemonic devices, hominems, or other mnemonic devices that supposedly help us speak the english language. We just think what we want to say and in a matter of milliseconds what our brain has processed is out of our mouths. Personally, education began to become uninteresting as soon as Freshman year started. They started to give us all the unnecessary formulas and equations that mean nothing in the real world around this time.

This is more of the system’s fault, not even as much as the teachers as you may think. The system comes up with all of these special requirements and expectations that we must achieve to graduate or move on to the next grade level. For example, you needed to take a public speaking class which some people might not need at all in life, or already might be a great speaker and then the class will just be another filler wasting your time. In this time you could be learning something useful to you or your overall well being. Another problem is the teachers.

Not every teacher, but a good portion. Especially the teachers that don’t care about their students and you can tell they don’t. They’re just there for the money and nothing else. They’ll go through slide after slide of information and you sit there and write it all down in your notebook. That is not the way to teach because yes, there might be some students that like to learn that way and understand. But there are also at least a couple others in the class that don’t really know what’s going on and are just basically writing down words on the paper that almost mean nothing.

Another thing that can be a problem is when teachers don’t connect with their students or try to mix in a little fun here and there. That’s what you need to keep the interest of a student on point. Throw a curveball in there every so often. Instead of taking notes one day, conduct a whole class activity or show some videos that pertain to the lesson or information you’ve been reviewing. Don’t think that it’s completely the teacher’s fault that students aren’t interested or involved. Some of the blame is to be put on students themselves!

Most students don’t even bother to try to get involved or learn the material. You need to at least put forth some effort in whatever you do to be successful in it. So you cannot say that you are failing a class purely off the teacher or because the material. Because if you tried to learn and understand or talk to the teacher about it, half the the time you’d find yourself in a much better position than were you previously started. As stated before most think that education is a necessity in life by any means, it is not.

It is still important and can affect how the outcome of your life will play out though. You will find that most young adults and individuals who do not attend school will end up in bad situations with not as good jobs, cars, houses, etc. But this is not all because they didn’t have a good education. Yes it may have helped but there are so many other factors that play into a persons life that you can’t go and say just because the education wasnt there is the sole reason that they ended up how they did. At most you could say that it played a major role.

Overall education is still a very important thing but is not completely needed to be success by any means. There are a good amount of things that are wrong with the education these days, but then again there are also a plentiful amount of things that are very good about it. In conclusion education has things wrong with it at every level from the highest ranked individual in the system, to the teachers who teach and lecture, and even to the students who are there to learn and try to comprehend it all. Everyone along the line needs to try a little harder and rethink how to approach education altogether!

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