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Education – Teacher

The “education” has been derived from Latin words “Educare”. “Educare” means to train, to bring and lead out’, so we can say that education is to bring up, to developing and shaping up the individual talent and his inner potentialities. Definition: Education is a process in which and by which the knowledge, characters and behavior of the human being are shaped and molded. Education is lead to the enlightenment of mankind. According Imam Gzali Imam Ghazali said that education is a process which enables an individual to distinguish between the true and false, the good and bad, the right conduct and the evil doing.

Educational policy: Education policy refers to the collection of laws and rules that govern the operation of education systems. Education occurs in many forms for many purposes through many institutions. For example early childhood education, two and four year colleges or universities, graduate and professional education, adult education and job training. Therefore, education policy can directly affect the education people engage in at all ages. Policy 1979 Page 1 National Education Policy 1979 By Roll No. 01,48,12,37,41 National Education Policy, 1979.

On 29 March 1972 Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto announced the education policy. As a result all private education institutes were taken into national grip and brought changes in all other aspect of education. July 1977 General Zai-ul-Haq announced that new administration wanted to impose Islamic system. They considered it their aim. They believed that goals could not be achieved unless educational system based on Islamic system. For this purpose General Zia-ul-Haq conducted the conference of teachers, educationalist and of intelligent people.

This conference gave recommendation for whole educational system. Muhammad Ali Khan announced this national policy. The main purpose of this policy was to impose education on Islamic system and to impose Urdu language by means of education. Main aim of the National Educational Conference 1979 was: ? Fostering loyalty to Islam. ? Creation of concept of Muslim Ummah. ? Promotion of science and technical education. Recommendation The main recommendation of the education policy of 1979 was following. 1. Elementary Education ? ? ? ? ?

In coming five years 13000 schools will have opened Schools will have opened for those girls that were deprived from formal education Enable the students to stand on their courage Residential irony and training centers will have constructed for rural female teacher 5000 masjid will have constructed and books will have provided free of cost 2. Secondary Education ? 2000 new secondary institutes will have opened and converted 1000 middle schools into secondary institutes ? In the curriculum of secondary education new subject will have added ?

Scope of secondary education will have intended so that students found take part in productive activities ? Secondary education will have considered from nine class to second year Policy 1979 Page 2 National Education Policy 1979 By Roll No. 01,48,12,37,41 3. Higher Education ? In selected girls colleges of all provinces post graduates classes will have started ? Valuation will have given to teachers of University to extend their education & professional training ? Scholarship will have given to intelligent students and teachers ?

In coming five years no other new universities except women universities. New buildings of colleges will have constructed for girls and boys ? Provincial government will responsible to bear all expenses of universities Features: It was said in nation policy 1979 that education is a continuous process. Any educational policy cannot complete without education. Main features of recommendation are given below. 1. Masjid School It was planned in national educational policy that masjid schools masjid will have opened in these schools other subjects will have together alongside primary education.

Moreover it was decided to open 5000 masjid school 2. Women Education It was recommended in policy to establish separate women university. Main point was to get attention of women towards education 3. Special Education It is also recommend in policy that central government will have prepared plans for the education of blinds, handicap able. Such person will have prepared to ea rn their livelihood 4. Establishment of private Institution In national policy establishment of private institute were allowed in this way education of inhabitants of country will have increased.

Policy 1979 Page 3 National Education Policy 1979 By Roll No. 01,48,12,37,41 5. Mohallah Schools It was recommended to open Mohallah schools for those girls that could not get admissions in formal educational institutes. For this purpose 5000 school were opened 6. Religious Education Arabic will have compulsory up to 8th class. It will have taught as a compulsory subject 7. Village workshop schools It was recommended in policy to open workshops schools for those children who leave study. Main purpose was to enable them to earn their livelihood. 8.

Medium of instruction It was planned in policy that all English medium school that get government aids will consider Urdu language as a medium of instruction IMPACT: 1. Clear foundation of education In national educational policy Islamic Ideology of life was considered as base of education 2. University Grants Commission It was decided in policy to give university grant commission to university to save their problems moreover it was said that government would bear expenses of university and these amount were given a grant commission 3. Urdu Language.

It also decided in educational policy that all official work will have performed in Urdu language. It was compulsory for English medium schools that get government aids to adopt language selected bay provincial government Policy 1979 Page 4 National Education Policy 1979 By Roll No. 01,48,12,37,41 4. Islamic Madras’s According to the decision of national policy those people were held for public services that have certificate from Islamic Madras’s. in this way benefits of Madras increased and preached Islam 5. Teacher welfare Residential colony was constructed for rural teachers.

For getting external & in internal education scholarship was given to teachers Milestones achieved by Education Policy 1979: 1. The medium of instruction was switched over to Urdu in government schools. 2. Private schools were allowed to have English as the medium of instruction. This led to the operation of two different systems of education within the country, one for those who could afford private education, and one for the rest of the nation. This two tier system contributed to a widening socio-economic inequity with the consequent feeling of injustice and resentment. 3.

The policy of nationalization was reversed. 4. The private sector was encouraged to open schools. 5. The funding of universities was made through the Federal government. Suggested strategies to achieve goals of Policy: 1. Merging madras and traditional education. 2. Urdu as a medium of education. 3. Effective participation of community in literacy programs. 4. Linked scientific and technical education. 5. Separate instates for male and female. 6. Mosque schools. Implementation: This policy was not implemented properly and failed due to lack of planning and financial resources. Policy 1979.

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