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Theorists of Power’s Three Faces
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Among the best-known contributions to the power debate were arguments advanced by theorists of power’s three faces which started with a critique of the definition of power by Dahl as set of behaviors A can elicit from B (Hayward, 1998). Then came Steven Lukes’s three- dimensional account of power: A exercises power over B when A affects B in a manner contrary to B’s interests. He asserted that power does not only enable actors to act as they like, but…...
Goals of Social Studies
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Overview The term "social studies" usually designates the introductory and intermediate level of social science education at the elementary and secondary school levels. However, it also encompasses a good amount of specialized knowledge drawn from fields of study that are usually found in post-secondary instruction, such as economics, political science, sociology and anthropology. The goals of a social studies education are to instill students with an intimate knowledge of their history, cultural values and civic responsibilities. Social Competency and Literacy…...
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