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Education Requirement Essay

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1. Should there be a minimum education requirement for the beauty therapist job? Discuss

Before answer this question, we should discuss about job analysis. Job analysis is the systematic process of determine skills, duties and knowledge required to performing jobs in organization. One of the purposes job analysis is to answer what qualifications are need to perform the jobs

Back to our question, owner of Tangerine Center Sdn Bhd want to upgrade their business service. She want to offer more service such as spa, beauty consultant, skin therapist and medical esthetics.

Based on new job descriptions and job specifications, beauty therapist should have minimum education requirement.

2. What is your opinion of Jenny’s effort to upgrade the people in the organization?.

Jenny’s effort to upgrade the people in organization is good for her business. Maybe after upgrade her staff, her business can get more income. She should consider human resource management function before proceed with upgrading plan.

i. Staffing

She should ensure always has proper number of staff with appropriate skill, qualified and suitable number of staff.

She also should have good job analysis to ensure his mission will accomplish.

ii. Human Resource Development

Training is important part in staff development. She should give more training to her staff in order to improve their skill. Her staffs have basic knowledge and skill as beautician. Enhancement program will improve their ability and soft skill knowledge.

Another important part in human resource development is organization development. She should make her business more effective. Improve in tool and equipment will make her business more competitive.

iii. Compensation

When she upgrade her staff qualification, she should pay higher than staff with basic qualification. Total staff cost will increase and she should have proper plan to increase revenue.

As conclusion, Jenny’s effort will give good effect to her business when she upgraded the people in the organization.

3. What legal ramifications, if any, should Jenny have considerer?

As an employer, Jenny should be aware of the rules and guideline for hiring and recruiting an employee. This is for major law to follows ;

i. Employment Act 1955 : A Guide To Malaysian Labour Laws

ii. Workmen’s Compensation

iii. Children and Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966 (Revised 1988)

iv. Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994

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