Education Reform Essay

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Education Reform

Education reform has been a heavily debated topic over the past several decades. This dispute, over education standards, peaked my interest due to my belief that the majority of students in public schools across the United States are underperforming in comparison to other first world countries. On the other hand some teachers and education professionals consider the existing policies adequate in teaching students, and they oppose any new regulations bestowed on by the federal government.

These professionals fear that the outcome of increased government action will only result in further standardized testing. There are a plethora of aspects pertaining to education reform, I will just be focusing on a few, including; whether additional schooling controls economic prosperity, if written exams indicate the knowledge a student retains from a particular course, and should the federal government regulate the education system?

By beginning some perfunctory research I quickly decided that the United States was in fact in dire need for reform. I chose to investigate further into the issue to find a clearer understanding of what schools and faculty can do to better assist their students.

The process of establishing and supporting my thesis was a culmination of multiple components. My Ultimate goal is for the reader to fully comprehend the impurities of public education. My research began with determining a topic, then the research portion of the assignment commenced. Research was not as easy as entering your topic in on a search engine, the sources had to be specific to your topic, from a trustworthy publisher, and factual. Additionally there were requirement as to the medium of sources we needed to incorporate, such as a book, an interview, and a periodical.

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