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Biography of Malcolm Knowles
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Introduction One cannot mention Adult Education without making reference to the internationally reputable adult educationist by the name of Malcolm Shepherd Knowles. Malcolm is renowned for leading both as an academician and practitioner who played a crucial role in the development and the application of adult learning across the globe (George, 2011). Background Malcolm Shepherded Knowles was born in August 24, 1913 in Livingstone, Montana. His parents were Dr. and Mrs. Dr. A. D. Knowles. He loved to participate in…...
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Career Reflection
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The My Career Plan program and individual assignments were intended to help me develop a strategy for my career goals. The process revealed my career interests, competencies, work culture preferences, and thinking style. It also helped me identify strengths and weaknesses that will be key throughout my career. My interest profiler results were realistic, conventional, and social. Although I did not agree with most of the job titles listed, I definitely identified with the interests. Realistic occupations regularly involve practical…...
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