Education: No child left behind Essay

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Education: No child left behind

Education is the transmission of knowledge from one person to the other person. It acts as a revolutionary force not only to transmit but transmute. It helps an individual to develops, nurture and inculcates oneself. It is therefore the right of every individual to acquire education in order to make his future better. The purpose of education is to transfer knowledge and to make one aware of its own talents and potential. It helps society to progress by making them productive. People become a productive of the society instead of just being a burden on it.

It develops creativity and encourages children to explore the ideas and hidden facts, discover new things and advance forward in life as a reputable figure. It also broad their minds and develops tolerance in them. Today despite of globalization there are so many children who are left behind in this race of life. There are many reasons for these children to be uneducated. Some does not have enough resources to get education. Some does not have peace in their countries and are engaged in wars. Some are opposed by their families. Some do not have proper education system structures.

If we talk about these reasons individually we find that a child wants education but it is the circumstances which force them to move their motives to the other things. One of the most important reasons is the deficiency of resources for the child. A child born in a poor family is destined to be uneducated because his parents do not have enough money to pay for his school fees. These children are also neglected by their parents because of their poverty and their struggle with life. These children do not even get home education because their parents are not also educated.

These children just learn how to fight the life and forget about the education and their generations keep on inheriting illiteracy. However now government and non-governmental organizations have realized and have taken steps to provide education to everyone. They have started incentive schemes and are even providing free education. Some of the children do not get education because their countries are at war. Instead of learning counting numbers they learn to count dead bodies around them. They suffer a huge loss while people fight over for power.

Now leaders have realized this and they have brought their fight on the table. Some of the children are opposed by their families because of their catholic and conservative thinking. This approach is usually taken for girls. They think that girls do not need education because they have to look after their house and kitchen. For this now different organizations have started campaigns to aware people about the benefits of educations. As people have progressed they now have become aware of need of education and making sure that it reaches every one and no child is left behind.

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