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Education Is the Key to a Good and Successful Life Essay

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Getting a good education is one of the foundations of living a good life. Yes of course morals, family, and religion are huge parts of your life, but without a good education you’ll have a hard time going anywhere but down in this world I’m afraid. The word education is misrepresented often though, because it does not always mean reading lots of books and writing tons of papers to get a good grade. No education is learning how to do things the right way at its most basic level, and when you do things right in life you become successful without a doubt.

Sure there are those people out there that don’t need their high school diplomas, or didn’t need college, and that’s just great! They’ve been naturally blessed with strong minds and good skills to provide for them in life. But as with most people, life is a learning process and school helps you organize the early years of that process so you can become as efficient and successful as early in life as possible.

So if you’re thinking about dropping out of high school, then you need to think twice!

High school definitely isn’t the most exciting place to spend your youth years, that’s a fact! But none the less it’s still important to your life on a huge scale. High school provides you with a general range of knowledge that can be applied through out your entire lifetime. Then in high school you get the chance to branch out a little more and experience a little bit of everything. This helps you to decided maybe what you want to do when you finally do finish high school and begin the next step in your life.

After high school though the possibilities grow so much greater for you. College is the general destination for most high school graduates, but it definitely isn’t for everyone! Some people will continue to college, pick a major, graduate, and become successful in their field for the rest of their life, and that’s just wonderful! But for others, that may not be the best route to take. A lot of people join the military, because it’s a good life style to live.

The military provides a structured way of life as well as a strong paycheck to live by. Army personnel, whether they be officers or ensigns, never go to bed hungry or cold because what they can’t provide for themselves the military will provide for them. Granted this does come at a huge cost. You will serve out the time you signed up for, no excuses, as well as you put forth 100% of yourself (including your very own life) to be in our military. It’s a good life style to live, but it also has its price.

Also another choice of action would be a trade school to become an electrician, plumber, or other manual labour type of job. These jobs though, compared to just mowing lawns, give you a good education in the field and you can earn huge amounts of money because of all the technical knowledge and skill required. This way of living is definitely not for those who don’t want to get dirty, or for those who are lazy because it is not an easy way to go!

Many people also just live off their own cleverness. They sell products or invent nifty tools that people buy and use. These are special kind of people because they work much harder than the others. These kind of people are the ones who started with almost nothing and become millionaires. They didn’t inherit the money, all they did was use the mind in their head to get them ahead in life.

So before you blow off education, just remember these things! If you think dropping out of high school is for you then think again because just finish high school and the possibilities open up before you. The military, trade schools, your own cleverness, or even just college are great choices after high school and they all will provide you with the skills and tools needed to become successful in life. So don’t brush off education as a waste of time just because it’s not the most fun thing to do, because even though its not fun it’s still hugely important to your life. Remember that, just remember that.

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