Education Is An Important Function In Society

Residential segregation separates groups of people into different neighborhoods depending on their level of education or class in society.

Depending on your education level, did you go to college did you finish high school what was your GPA, your occupation are you a lawyer or do you work as a waiter, and you income how much do you make a year are you above the poverty level and you making average income are you over the top, these are all factors that correlate with your residential segregation, you are in the neighborhood you can afford and fit in with, this separates the class by worth, the less income, education or poor job you have the more likely it is that you are living in an area with poor education and poor possibilities.

Not as many resources or money is given to these areas to improve the education children receive, Chances are if your parents are in this economic situation you will too, residential segregation shapes the environment of living which heavily affects your life.

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Being largely funded by local property taxes don’t have anything to do with being equal, the better the school is, the better area it is in, and the better scores you get the more you will receive, if you start off in a poor school they aren’t going to get as much funding as others which causes the school to lack proper education to kids and also doesn’t give them the ability to fund extracurricular to get children more involved in school.

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In poor areas, if the school doesn’t care about them then they’re not going to care about school which says a lot about drop out/graduation rates and why upper class to lower class areas have different rates.

This means the students in underfunded schools won’t have the ability to go to a good college or get a good job after because degrees and education levels are very high seeking in this time, they also don’t have the money to get out of the school without having the grades or knowledge they need. Consequences of this would be getting stuck in this poor area getting a low job, or no job at all. Not being involved in school can also cause kids involved in crime more. They don’t have the ability to succeed in school so they find other ways to distract themselves out of school which can harm them and is dangerous. Underfunding in school can cause kids to rebel and go towards the wrong path in life of crime or gang-related material to get money and have support. This may also cause homelessness if teens do not get the proper education to get a job or go anywhere in life.

The connection between education income and occupation is obvious. No education means no job or a low paying job which means no income to get out of this area or help make it better. With good proper education you can choose to go to a college of your choice and after that, the world of occupation is yours to choose from. You have the ability to get a good job that pays well to support yourself and a family to raise and give them the same thing you did. children/teen of today that are in underfunded schools will have a disadvantage when it comes to working in this post-industrial economy. Information, knowledge, and creativity are crucial requirements to make in the world full of careers. It is important to be fluent in these things because as careers become more detailed you need more to stand out or even be considered. Poor education could keep them out of this field because of all the other properly educated applicants. I think it is important for America as a whole to want children’s education to be equal so that everyone has an equal chance to prosper and grow to do well in life. These disadvantages are holding many people back from their true potential.

“In the largest 50 cities of the U.S., only 84% of the students entering high school graduate after four years (2015-2016)” (Education Notes 11/4)

Teachers in poor districts earn a lower salary than those in higher districts, this goes to show that the teachers aren’t as motivated because their pay doesn’t help. Teachers in poor districts are less likely to have a BA or BS in their teaching areas which means children cannot excel if they are not getting taught right. Putting teachers in poor funded areas is a disadvantage to the kids because they are not receiving the best education they could be with a teacher who doesn’t have the resources to help them understand or even the knowledge to completely teach a lesson. This makes teachers insecure about their job which makes teachers more likely to drop out of the field. It’s important to have a fully trained and educated teacher in the classroom so that the outcome for the children is better.

Schools are teaching us not to question the legitimacy of our institutions, esp. Capitalism, Our institutions have become reified, Reinforces the notion that our society is based on a meritocracy, Public schools are free and open to all, children can go as far as they want, the Social class does not play a role, Education is the great equalizer!. Schools teach us to perform our work roles without question; we accept time schedules, we take orders, we accept that we have to compete with our fellow coworkers to get ahead. This is a perfect example of how everything in America is run by social class. Every child is put in a sort of hierarchy of class; depending on where your family fits in (lower, middle, upper class) you are getting taught to continue in their path and follow work. The area they live in and the school district they are in is a huge factor of what they are going to be learning; lower class isn’t going to get a proper education so they learn to drop out and partake in criminal activities or get a low paying job where they can barely afford a healthy living situation. Education places us where we will be for the rest of our lives.

“In other words, our education system is closely tied to the political economy of our capitalist system” (Education notes, 11/4/18)

State and district expenditures tied to the economy. State Funding relies primarily on income and sales taxes. States use different formulas: Number of pupils in a district, Number of students with disabilities, Number of students living in poverty, Number of ESL students. In some states, districts with higher rates of poverty will receive additional help

As schools are more diverse now than they have ever been, a huge problem of segregation still occurs. Minority students are concentrated in underfunded schools and live in poor areas with poor school districts. A lot of these minorities are of African American or Hispanic ethnicity. This goes to show that people are still getting judged of their intelligence based on the color of their skin because of the popularity of their race in a poorly educated area. We need to give these children/teens an equal opportunity to get out of these areas and get a higher education and grasp a good career to support themselves and maybe a family and to maybe want to help this low area because they got out and can do something about it. The dream for any kid is to do good in life, to be able to do better than their parents. We are not providing minorities with the resources and education they need to make a difference and do something with their life. Districts with less money to spend have less education to provide. (poorer students offered less education) Districts with predominantly minority schools aren’t providing opportunities for the children.See little value in what is being taught

US supreme court case Brown v board of education in 1954. Made it a federal crime for the institution of education to segregate children on the basis of race in public schools. “The intent was to challenge racial and social class inequality that created inferior classrooms and curricula for many of our nation’s children” (still separate still unequal, Kozol pg 1) “Incoming working-class students reported significantly higher levels of personal stress than did their counterparts with more elite backgrounds. Much of this anxiety came from fears of academic inadequacy.” (Making it by faking it, Granfield pg 6)

“Working class students disengaged from their previous identity by concealing their class backgrounds.” (making it by faking it, Granfield pg 8)

“Many educators make the argument today that the demographics of large cities, Our only realistic goal should be the nurturing of strong, empowered, and well-funded schools in segregated neighborhoods.” (still separate still unequal, Kozol pg5)

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Education Is An Important Function In Society

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