Education in the United States Essay

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Education in the United States

Education is one of the most significant events in someone’s social life, yet a controversy. Many would think how is education a controversy; well a problem that concerns many parents would be their child’s low testing scores and behavioral problems. This results in the American education system failing to educate students with efficient knowledge to succeed in college or in the work force.

While people are finding the solution of changing the education system by using the Asian model, others believe in keeping the American model by adjusting it to make it useful. Even though they both have their advantages and disadvantages the best education system for the United States would be the Asian model.

The United States fundamental instruction is to see every child in school and do their best in all subjects. According to William S. Robinson, “New Math-Science Study Rates U.S Students Mediocre At Best”, American eighth-graders scored better than 17 nations in math and 18 nations in science. This concludes that students were making progress in their class subjects making the United States above all nations. Indeed the United States method has worked, but not helped students obtain knowledge for college or any other form of education.

The United States has failed in teachers presenting poor teaching skills to students. For example, American teachers try to cover as much information as possible on a certain subject, as stated by Robinson’s article. Students gather so much information that as a result they do not understand half of what is being taught. After plenty of information is being accumulated, children are left confused and left unknown.

The Asian educational method provides students with rigorous essentials of teaching. For example, one way they have students motivated is by exceling in modern technology, found in James Fallows, ”Strengths, Weaknesses, and Lessons of Japanese Education”.

Students get to engage in a way they never have before putting their mind into a process of thought and imagination. The flaw on the Asian method is how they have an excessive pressure on students. The pressure includes staying extra hours after school learning more curriculums, complete coursework with excellence, and get into a prestigious university. The number one focus for these kids is to study until they achieve their goal.

To make progress in the United States the education system needs to be taken to a different level. By making this happen the United States should reinforce the Asian model of the education system. One Asian method that can be applied is stressing on students on how effort is the explanation of achievement. According to Barbara Vobejda, “ Why are U.S Kids Poor In Math?” implies how Americans see lack of improvement in a subject because they are not good.

Whereas Asian mothers sit down one on one helping their child with certain equations. They expect their child to have everything done perfectly, no errors or smudges. This helps improve the performance of the student and helps the student grasp the information at an easy pace. Even though they have a lot of pressure they manage to accomplish their goals and aspirations. By changing the education system students will produce well-built math skills, excellence in language arts, and creativeness in fine arts.

The United States education system needs to be changed in a way where students will excel in their learning. The change will benefit millions of children during their academic learning experience and make them successful. The solution is implying Asian methods, making the United States education system stronger. The United States will create stability in schools, excellent test scores, and performances at schools will rise.

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