Education in Culture Essay

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Education in Culture

Education in today’s world is far more different from the education it was before. Nowadays, as technologies and industries progress onwards, the need for education becomes more vital. Education is about learning and also teaching skills. As a part of the society, education has played major roles not only on passing culture from one generation to another but also in helping establish a more stable society. Education also denotes on the process of drawing out certain skills or making someone realize the use of some skills that he has on its own.

And as the world develops, the entirety of education also has changed. Now, it encompasses different disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, biology, history, sciences, sociology and many others. Education is believed to have started once a person is born and ends until he dies. Each and every person defines education differently from others. Education can be attained even without the presence of proper schooling. It is the experience and the applications of the things learned that counts on what one has attained.

Different cultures in the world have a different point of view on the idea of education. Their definition and ideas about education is highly embarked on the way they spend their everyday lives, how they eat their food, how they please their gods or how they rear their young. Basically, perspectives about education and how learning is done in a particular place is based on their culture. The United States is one of the countries that belong to the Western culture. Its culture started even before it became a country.

Now, as the world progresses and along with the different factors of culture combination and transfer, the United States is one of the diverse and multi cultural nations. Due to the strong British ties that have happened in the past, the United States’ culture is greatly influenced by the British culture. Other influences also include European countries who once take part in the history of the US such as Poland, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Natives of America. Due to rampant migration and trade during the past, the western part of Africa has also played important roles in the structure of culture of the United States today.

As one of the leading countries in the world today, the culture of the United States requires education as one of the needs of its each and every citizen. In its education system, children ranging from the ages five to six are necessitated to attend school. At the age of five most children starts schooling in kindergarten, then, they attend elementary from ages six to eleven, middle school from eleven to fourteen then high school from fourteen to eighteen. There are two forms of education in the States: public and private.

Public education in the United States is funded by the federal government and by each of the individual states. These funds came mainly from the taxes in the city of the states and not as education fund given by the federal government. On the other hand, private education in the United States receives little or no government support at all. And since most of the private schools are governed by religious organizations, these private institutions are disqualified from direct government support. Students who have graduated from the secondary level may still pursue education in universities.

There are different Universities in the States. Some are funded both by the local and federal government and some are governed by private institutions. Due to the status of the United States in the world today, it is one of the countries in the world with the most advanced and most extensive educational systems and procedures. Education as a primary requirement in the States is offered in all levels: from the children to the youth and even to the adults. Aside from learning as its main propose, education in the

States seeks to promote wisdom, democracy, nationalism, equality and development not only of the state and the country but also the self. References: Greenberg, I. (2007). Vocational education, Work Culture and the Children of Immigrants in 1930’s Bridgeprort. Journal of Social History. Volume 41. No. 1. Reed. T. V. (2007). Popular Culture: Resources for Critical Analysis, Retrieved, November 23, 2005, from http://www. wsu. edu/~amerstu/pop/. USA Study Guide. (2007). American Culture: US Culture Info. Retrieved, November 23, 2007, from http://www. usastudyguide. com/americanculture. htm.

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