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Education Essay

Education? is? not? only? conditioning,? but? conditioning? for? the? future? and? conditioning? for? the? mind.? Somewhere? along? the? way? the? strive? to? learn? has? been? lost? on? education.? Its? hard? to? determine? where? this? all? went? wrong.? Like? many? in? the? past,? those? who? have? the? drive? to? learn,? earn? an? education.? Drive? and? determination? can? not? be? taught? in? a? classroom.? Some? of? the? most? important? subjects? that? should? be? taught? in? class,? are? not.? The? purpose? of? education? is? to? condition? youth? for? the? challenges? they? face? in? the? future.?

Students? are? trained? not? educated.? I? have? never? had? to? overcome? a? language? barrier.? I? have? never? had? to? overcome? a? racial? barrier? either.? As? long? as? I? can? remember? learning? has? been? a? part? of? my? life.? Not? just? learning,? but? education.? The? struggles? Richard? Rodriguez? and? Fredrick? Douglass? went? through? do? not? apply? to? me.? Rodriguez? and? Douglass? were? both? lucky? enough? to? discover? education,? where? as? education? found? me.? Fredrick? Douglass? once? said,? “Without? struggle? there? is? no? progress. ”? This? quote? really? sums? up? Douglass? and? his? message.?

Douglass? went? through? his? fair? share? of? struggles? and? became? a? better? man? because? of? it.? If? what? I? face? now? in? my? life? is? a? struggle,? how? much? can? I? really? progress?? At? least? I’ll? always? have? education? to? take? advantage? of.? All? Americans? are? given? the? right? of? an? education.? Depending? on? the? person,? this? right? can? either? be? used? or? ignored.? A? large? part? in? why? so? many? immigrants? travel? to? the? US,? is? because? it? offers? free? public? education.?

Because? of? taxes? no? child? has? to? pay? to? learn.? There? are? also? no? restrictions? on? who? has? the? right? to? an? education? in? the? United? States.? Yet? education? is? not? appreciated? by? most? like? it? should.? Learning? is? a? power.? Not? a? power? that? all? people? have? but? the? ones? that? do? have? it? need? to? use? it,? completely? use? it.? Fredrick? Douglass? realized? how? powerful? the? ability? to? learn? could? be.? So? did? Maya? Angelou.? Neither? of? them? would? have? lived? the? lifes? they? did? without? the? power? of? learning.? To? make? mistakes? and? learn? from? them? so? they? don’t? recur.? Read.? Comprehend.? Write.? Read.?

Comprehend.? Write.? And? repeat.? I? create? sentences? so? I? can? reap? the? benefits.? Until? a? student? becomes? proficient? in? reading,? comprehending,? and? writing? that? student? won’t? be? successful? in? the? educational? system.? The? goal? isn’t? to? learn.? Education? used? to? be? about? learning.? Different? people? learn? in? different? ways.? Education? is? interesting? to? some? but? boring? to? others.? For? one? to? be? educated,? they? first? have? to? learn.? The? ability? to? learn? is? not? a? strength? all? people? are? born? with.? It? is? an? important? skill? most? people? develop? throughout? their? life.? Frederick?

Douglass? was? not? taught? as? a? child.? Douglass? did? not? go? to? school,? but? the? fact? that? he? is? educated? can? not? be? argued.? Based? off? that? fact? alone,? it? is? proven? that? one? does? not? need? to? be? schooled? to? be? educated.? Douglass? was? determined? to? learn.? He? was? steadfast? in? educating? himself? to? have? a? brighter? future.?

Being? a? slave? in? the? 19th? century,? a? bright? future? does? not? exist.? Through? his? determination,? Douglass? shows? how? the? importance? of? an? education? is.?? Education? does? not? always? occur? in? the? classroom.? It? can? be? found? almost? anywhere.?

Frederick? Douglass? mentions? in? his? narrative? Learning? to? Read? that? the? little? boys? who? taught? him? how? to? read? will? be? free? at? twenty? one? years? old? men,? whereas? Douglass? just? wishes? to? be? free? more? than? anything.?

Learning? does? not? only? occur? in? the? classroom.? It? happens? in? many? everyday? experiences.? Sometimes? the? only? way? to? learn? something? is? to? do? it? personally.? Maya? Angelou? once? said:? “Words? mean? more? than? what? is? set? on? paper.? It? takes? the? human? voice? to? infuse? them? with? a? deeper? meaning. ”? Just? because? a? student? reads?

from? a? book? does? not? guarentee? they? will? receive? the? full? effect? of? the? writing.? Words? need? to? be? said,? plays? need? to? be? acted,? speeches? need? to? be? read.? Most? american? scholars? today? dredd? the? idea? of? reading.? High? schoolers? all? across? the? country? will? try? to? find? anyway? to? get? around? actually? having? to? read.?

For? education? to? be? successful? in? teaching? a? student? a? lesson,? the? attitude? of? the? student? must? be? appropriate.? Students? who? don’t? want? to? learn? won’t,? it’s? really? that? simple.? Students? need? to? be? taught? how? to? learn.?


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