The Indispensable Importance of Education in Unleashing Our Full Potential

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Education is a vital part of growing up. Without it, our potential cannot be utilized. We use education to make decisions, interact with others, and survive in general. In order for society to improve as a whole, we must use our education to improve on the knowledge we have already attained. Public education gives American citizens the chance to become critical thinkers, prepare for work, and compete in a global marketplace.

Public education has transformed into a corrupt system. A system centered around the GPA.

Getting a good percentage is the only thing that seems to be important in school. The only thing students care about is how they can pull off a 4.0. Even the teachers’ focus is on the grades. Teachers are rated based off how their students did on standardized tests and their grades. There is almost no focus on the pure attaining of knowledge. Once a student finishes a class, about 90% of the information they learned is lost.

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There is almost no importance on retaining knowledge after they finish testing on it.

Students only about care their grades because that is what colleges look at. Everyone strives for that 4.0 GPA so they can get into their dream school. Once students get to college, their focus goes from learning to get a good grade to learning to prepare for their job. College students have to truly understand and retain the information they learn because it is important to their potential career paths.

Although many problems can be found in public education, there are few that can actually be solved.

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Public education cannot be easily changed without disrupting the foundations of what public education does for students. If we change our focus from grades to pure learning, colleges would have no way of judging a student. It is the nature of the beast.

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The Indispensable Importance of Education in Unleashing Our Full Potential
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