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Education & Economics Essay

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Education is normally regarded to be one of the things that remain as relatively permanent in this world. Thus, from my personal experiences, it is seen as a solid foundation that is made of sturdy and solid bricks, which it as well serves a obliging partner in attaining my personal and career goals. Although, there are already definite stepping-stones that I have started with regard to my educational growth and development, I still see the need for pursuing an educational program in Economics as an addition to the ones that I already have.

It is of great certainty that there are far greater heights to which I am compelled to achieve and persistently pursue these goals by submitting myself to an educational program in Economics Major as a partner in attaining for the said endeavor. The list of reasons for pursuing such objectives includes influences from personal growth requirements. First, it has been my life-long dream to achieve the highest echelon of learning, which is that of a Major in Economics.

Thus, this is seen as a constant quest for learning everyday as I feel the great prerequisite to take further steps into the field to which I am most passionate and dedicated about. As such, it is my career goal to be in the said industry as one of the most reliable and reputable practitioners in the field of Economics and established a great career a head. Likewise, achieving such career goal in the said field is also my own way of preparation in facing the challenges of the future.

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Moreover, as one of the aspirants in such line of business, it has come to my understanding that such endeavour will never be an easy task but is rather a long road of travel filled with several challenges. Likewise, I truthfully comprehend the significance and meaning of Education as the foremost key towards the achievement of my dreams in the field of Economics. In this regard, I truthfully believe that receiving formal studies with that of Major in Economics Major would make me more equipped and prepared for my future career and personal goal.

With the current work experiences I have, my future has become more defined and is guided towards achieving success in the particular field I am most passionate about. Thus, with the employment that I have been through, I would say that my qualities and capabilities as an individual has improved that has made me more all set to undergo educational program in Economics.

With my experience as a Marketing Manager in Moxie Company on behalf of Hong Kong Information Security Group in which I have worked for three months, this particular experience has gave me a brilliant opportunity to work in a world class environment wherein I get to witness actual progression of business. As such, the same experience has also helped me understand the cultural differences around the world through the chances I got in communicating with different people coming from diverse cultural background.

In this regard, my passion and interest to financial matters has been further enhanced and empowered that the whole experience has made more decided to further reach for my personal and career endeavors. Although, the my stint as a Marketing Manager has been through a minimal amount of time, the experience and the learning are indeed essential as well as helpful for me in pursuing a Major in Economics wherein I get the chance to have a grasp of actual business actions and has the opportunity to be more familiar the actual proceedings in the real world.

Nonetheless, through these actual work experiences as a Marketing Manager, I am able gain positive traits and characteristics in which I have learned to be more professional and committed to the tasks I have to do and adhere to the duties as well as to the responsibilities that I am compelled attend in the most optimistic and effective manner I could in order to attain the most positive outcome.

In addition to this, the chance of being involved through various volunteer works is also seen as relevant in pursuing my dreams and having a major in Economic as these experiences have helped me become more committed in all the things that I do and acquire positive traits in terms of personal and professional capabilities. As such, through this social works, I have learned to be more devoted and passionate not just to my own personal goals and objective but as well as being as equally dedicated to help the society and the people in facing the challenges of life together.

In Hong Kong, I have participated in the fund raising event of “Lifeline Express Dance for Sight” wherein my involvement is to help restore the sense of sight for the blind cataract patients that are living in the remote areas of Mainland china. In here, I just do not solely enjoy the feeling of helping other people but at the same I am also able to learn more about Financial Matters, as seen essential in my goal of pursuing a Major Economics, which this said volunteer work is about fund raising. Nonetheless, it is really my happiness to be involved to different volunteer works.

Aside from the fact that I am helping other people through such involvement, the entire experience for me is also helpful personally wherein in every social task that I do I am able to acquire new things and learning that are all helpful in pursuing my dreams and having a Major in Economics. Prompt II Every individual has his/her own personal characteristics that serve as the defining factor for the different goals intended to be achieved. In my academic and professional career, I see that my personal qualities, achievements, and experiences that have given me the chance to see a better future ahead of me.

First, I am family-oriented and always have within me the gratefulness of my parents, especially my mother. Every decision I make, the behavior I exhibit, and the ideas that I carry out have their corresponding impact to my family that is why I am always cautious of the path I take. In this endeavor, I consider my family to be a factor and inspiration towards the success that I want to achieve. With them being the supporting framework of my goals, I have the confidence that I am standing on more stable grounds than if I am all alone. Likewise, the values that are provided to me by my family have defined the person that I am now.

Being the first set of social group I get to interact with in my early days up to now, they have given me enough training in establishing and maintaining valuable relationships both within the family and in the external environment. I see this as a valuable factor in my success in the academic setting because there is a bigger social sphere that is present within the university and this affects the academic performance of people. No man is an island is a rule that applies to this and the ability to relate well to other people within the school serves as a good factor for the achievement of several goals.

In addition to this, the gratefulness that I have within my heart serves as a positive driving force for me to do well in every activity that I intend to accomplish in the school. Compared to other motivating factors that last only for a short period of time, this level of gratefulness and the need to reciprocate the kindness my mother has shown me is on a futuristic perspective that has the strength to last. Second, I consider myself as an enthusiastic, optimistic, active, and resourceful person especially in school activities.

The enthusiasm that I have provides me with the courage to deal with difficult undertakings. While some may seem hard to achieve as it entails gargantuan tasks, I never gave up because of the determination and enthusiasm I have over studying and doing far more than what is expected of me. Likewise, I always opt to look at the brighter side of things that make it easier for me to accomplish goals. Instead of dwelling over the difficulties I face in school, I look for the things which could help me accomplish the things I need to do and this has worked for me over the years.

Moreover, the activities I join in have given me the chance to socialize and learn through it. I realized that not all of the things I need to learn in life are found within the four walls of the classroom. Rather, learning could also occur in the extracurricular activities I engage into such as the volunteer works, past work experiences, sports, and dancing activities that helped me learn more than what is taught of me in these programs. There are values such as collaboration, sportsmanship, perseverance, hard work, diligence, and will that I have derived from the training that is received out of these activities.

Third, the volunteer activities I completed have also given me a sense of pride and honor and have added a piece to my life’s puzzle. I have connected with the purpose of the programs and activities that are at the center of our goals and this has built within me the ability to relate to the larger social sphere which I am in. Not everyone is given the chance to understand critically the society, especially with the problems that beset it today. This is important to me because it has given me the chance to get a preview and a taste of how it really is in the world outside the university.

This is the practical side of life and aside from the theories found within the pages of the books, it is important for students to be able to understand the life beyond what is being considered by the experts and theorists in the different fields. This is carried with the belief that there is no single theory which can hold true for the present-day scenario. There is really the need to immerse in the areas where problems exist in order to find out the theory that is suitable for it. Fourth, I have earned several accomplishments during my school years.

I have been given Honors Award for the year 2004-2005 for the Schools Dance Festival (Hong Kong) and Commended Award for the year 2002-2004 in the same respect. Likewise, I received certification for the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Education Series in 2003 and serves as a team leader for the Contemporary Dance Team. Lastly, I have also participated in the Grace House Committee. All of these personal and academic accomplishments serve as my proof that I could achieve several things if there is patience and hard work.

I learned that the effort that I exert would be commensurate to the outcome that I will achieve out of the activities I engage in. Indeed, I have been able to achieve several things during the length of time I stayed within the university. This has taught me several valuable insights that lead me to become better in achieving things. Likewise, my family, most especially my mother, has shaped me to become the person that I am today and this is one thing that I am most grateful for. Personally, I could say that the right mix of determination, enthusiasm, optimism, and resourcefulness brought success to the intentions I have.

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