Education: College and Recharge Academic Battery Essay

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Education: College and Recharge Academic Battery

Taking a year off after finishing form six before approaching further tertiary education has been a much debated issue over the past few years. While some see it as an opportunity for the school leavers to know more about the world, there is another party that says it will be time wasted if the school leavers end up without planning anything during the time. After all, the school leavers still have to put their consideration on this issue.

Point 1
Recharge academic battery

– After spending a quarter of life as a student, it is a chance for the school leavers to take a break off. -Taking a year off before returning to school will provide you the chance to approach the next phase of your education with a fresh start and renewed vigor while staving off academic burnout. -During that time, they can also have some preparation on the further tertiary education by conducting an exhaustive college or university search. Point 2

Decision time

– Take a year off will allow school leavers to decide on their major. -They can obtain an internship in the area that they are interested in studying, or in the career field they would like to pursue. -This will help them brings practical, real-world experience into their tertiary education, and it can get them some career contacts to contact after you graduate.

Point 3
A chance to mature before entering tertiary education

-Perfection is acquired through error and trial.
-After the school leavers walked out from the school, they will undergo much hardship in the reality just to know themselves in the shape of perfection. -At the same time, they can learn to be mature by sorting things out around them. -By taking this opportunity, the environment in the society can help in building up their self confidence.

Point 4

Earn some money

-School leavers can earn extra money to help defray their upcoming college or university costs and expenditure in college or university. -Work experience can provide them with ‘soft skills,’ such as interpersonal, communication and leadership skills which is typically lacking in our previous education. – This is able to add a valuable notch to the resume which will help them when they enter the work force after earning their degree.

Taking a year off from school can be a disaster without a proper plan. Therefore, the school leavers have to think long and hard about how they are going to spend their time. They have to ensure that their decision will bring a unique contribution to their future lives.

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