Education and Training Essay

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Education and Training

Although a certain degree level is not necessary, some employers will prefer a bachelors or associates degree. The degree field of a 911 dispatcher includes criminal justice, communications, and computer science. Computer skills in typing and computer- aided dispatch software is needed. It is required that you have a clean criminal background, you are able to pass the drug and lie detector test, you have good hearing and vision and you need to have U.S Citizenship. Before becoming a 911 operator, a lengthy application process must become completed. With attached resume, an application for employment must be submitted to an emergency response office Employers usually provide specific training for new operator Receive training on radio equipment, broadcasting, common communication skills, and stress management Training can take 3-6 months to complete

Need to complete a certificate program in emergency communications

Operate various computer and communication equipment
Receive emergency calls from telephone, radio or other computer-aided dispatch system.
Determine nature of call and location of the caller
Direct the type and number of emergency service units to the scenes.
Maintain communication with the caller to monitor the situation and be able to give first-aid instructions.
Receive and respond to emergency and non-emergency services and complaints

Coordinate the responses of public safety agencies

Translate information into the appropriate codes
Ask vital questions to the callers
Maintain familiarity with specific Safety Operating Procedures and various manuals that include mandatory information
Maintain a high level of mental stability and professionalism
Be available for shifts at any time needed

Daily Activities
Use judgement and decision making skills to evaluate situations
Work under dramatically stressful situations
Establish priorities and pass on information as needed
Work rotating shifts during evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays
Enter information into the computer at a rate of 30-50 words per minute Maintain confidentiality
Demonstrate teamwork during all emergencies
Use interpersonal and technical skills
Meets ethical guidelines by treating people with respect
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I don’t think that I would like to be a 911 Operator because of having to sit behind a desk and answering emergency phone calls. I think it would put me under a lot of pressure to communicate with those in the emergency situation. Sitting behind a desk and directing things is boring. I like the exhilarating job of being hands on.


Education and Training
Start master science courses in middle and high school

A bachelor’s degree in toxicology, biology or chemistry is needed Degree program in toxicology requires 127 credits with a focus on natural sciences and biomedical studies After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, a career path is established to determine whether or not to focus on a specialized area of toxicology in graduate school With a doctoral degree, a toxicologist continues with postdoctoral training Seek board certification from a reputable association like the American Board of Forensic Toxicology, which shows level of experience and competence Courses taken to determine how local environmental substances can affect and metabolize within the human body: Industrial and environmental agent toxicology

Methods of toxicology analysis
Reaction dynamics in physical chemistry
Rules of evidence studies
Molecular and cellular biology
Forensic Toxicology Specialists can be certified through The American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT)

Study both physical and chemical agents that interact with the body
Specializes in the examination of tissues, bodily fluids and blood.
Determine whether illegal substances such as excessive levels of drugs and alcohol were present during the time of the crime
Also study animals

Find hazardous substances in our water
Declare whether cosmetics or everyday substances are safe to use
Collect various samples
Prepare samples of harmful substances for testing and analysis
Dissect dead animals and examine organs for signs of toxic materials
Take tissue and blood samples from living animals for microscopic investigation Conduct research to understand how toxins affect people and animals
Perform laboratory analysis on samples to observe cellular, biochemical and molecular responses to toxins
Determine safe-levels of contact

Daily Activities
Study of toxic materials and how they affect the environment, human and animal health and future technology
Conduct studies on food, air, water and soil to determine how they are altered when coming into contact with medicines, garden chemicals and industrial chemicals
Work in labs performing basic or applied research on toxic substances
Help enforce new laws enacted by the government about new chemicals and of their effects
Play important roles in teamwork of scientists

Collaborate with other technicians, scientists and peers when an experiment needs to be conducted quickly and completely.
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Self- Reflection
I would like to be a Toxicologist because of the way what they do goes with our everyday life such as various cosmetics and water. I didn’t know that they could also examine toxins in animals as well. I found that to be very interesting. I didn’t like that they have to come in contact with harmful chemicals but with the appropriate safety precautions taken, this can be a very fascinating career.

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