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Education And Methodology Of Teaching Essay Examples

Essay on Education And Methodology Of Teaching

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Principles and Practices of Assessment in Teaching

Describe the functions of evaluation in knowing and development The function of evaluation in learning and advancement is primarily to provide a measure of the trainees development. Assessment is performed through formative (checks throughout the course), passive (to check against previous marks), and/ or summative (at end of course) activities to assist the learner see their development whilst permitting the Assessor to give valuable feedback when suitable. Its function is to measure the learners understanding of the topic against the…...

Questioning Techniques: Research-Based Strategies for Teachers

A variety of looks into performed recently within the regional setting on teaching skills of teachers reveal that there is a decrease of the quality of class teaching of many instructors. The prime reason for this decrease, as concluded by numerous scientists, lies in the issues of the training they receive at pre-service training institutions. For instance; Lim, Cock, Lock et.al. (2009) state that though there is a practical component of pre-service teacher training, it does not offer adequate understanding…...

Weak Curriculum vs. Inadequate Instruction

Curriculum and inadequate direction both have their advantages and disadvantages when it pertains to the decision-making procedure of what works best to achieve greater level learning amongst students. Curriculum primarily focuses on the understanding and abilities that are necessary to find out where as direction is what learning will be accomplished to meet the requirements of students, standardized screening, and outcomes. Teachers in the 21st century need to use instructional techniques that are ingenious, research-proven techniques/strategies, technologies, and real world…...

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Muddiest Point in Teaching

Dr. Frederick Mosteller developed a teaching assessment technique called the “Muddiest Point”. Dr. Mosteller is a Harvard University professor of statistics back in 1989. He developed a simple classroom assessment tool that requires minimal preparation in order to assess the students within a few minutes. Trouble areas are helped pinpointed by the use of the Muddiest Point and instructors are provided with feedback on confusing items. The muddiest point can be most helpful for instructors and students when discussing complex…...

Comparative Effect of Demonstration and Guided Discovery Instructional Method

Teachers are increasingly facing serious instructional challenges as the diversity of students within each class room continues to widen. Patterson(2002) noted that within each classroom student of a wide academic range with different labels such as gifted, fast learners, average learners, slow learners and the low learners all face their teacher daily with full hope that their need will be met. The conventional teaching method seems not to have adequately equipped instructions with contemporary view of students. Intelligence and their…...

Pedagogical Practices

Abstract This paper offers an insight on the reliable pedagogical practices that can be utilized in the children discovering. Some of these practices include the incorporation of ICT in early childhood education and some of efficient direct instructional techniques that can have an effect in the learning process of children. Five common finding out results for children are identified. In addition, the paper describes characteristics of reliable teaching that add to effective mentor. Moreover, the idea of culture in early…...

Pedagogy vs Andragogy as Models of Education

When modern people use the words pedagogy and andragogy, I sense there is a meaning implied that is understood by our wider culture. In the case of pedagogy, the general definition implied the connection of the teaching by the teacher, to the learning of the student especially to the child. There is little doubt that the most dominant form of instruction in America and Europe is pedagogy, or what some people refer to as traditional, teacher-directed approaches, or didactic. Pedagogy…...

Teaching Assessment Process

The key concepts of assessment Concepts are the aspects involved throughout the assessment process, for example: accountability achievement assessment strategies benchmarking evaluation internally or externally devised assessment methods (formal and informal) progression transparency types of assessment e.g. initial (at the beginning), formative (ongoing) or summative (at the end) You need to be accountable to your learners and your organisation to ensure you are carrying out your role as an assessor correctly. Your learners should know why they are being assessed…...

Concrete and Formal Operational Stages in Education

Skinner's theory sees learning as a continuous process, with quantitative increases in learner behaviours with age. Learner behaviour can also be modified gradually by modulating the degree and frequency of reinforcement. Bandura's theory also portrays learning as a continuous process where perception, attention, memory and problem-solving skills increase with age. In contrast, cognitive development occurs discontinuously according to Piaget's theory. Piaget identifies four developmental stages of learning, namely sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational stages. These developmental stages are…...

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