Education and Lifelong Learning Essay

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Education and Lifelong Learning

1. Understand own role and responsibilities in the lifelong learning.

(1.1) Having been requested to produce a brief on my roles in teaching and professional values whist teaching in this role. I have to deal with variety of personnel from different ability groups and cultures. I often have to deal with ever changing legislation such as the Joint Service Publications (JSP’s) regarding subjects taught at the training wing, as well as the JSP’s we have to work in line with the Royal logistic Corps Training and Development Team (TDT) which gives up to date changes regarding our codes of practice. some of my roles in teaching the CLM courses are teaching Military Discipline which gets updated regularly from the Army Act 2006, my other key area is Health & Safety which is governed by not only the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 (HASWA) but has its own JSP for the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

(1.2) As with any organisation the MOD must comply with the Equality Act 2006, as for my role in promoting Equality and valuing Diversity as mentioned earlier the Royal Logistic Corps has a very versatile group with personnel from all over the commonwealth and also having many different religions. We adapt our lessons and exercises in line with the needs of personnel who may require a different learning style than that being used with extra time given to anyone that may have dyslexia or any other learning difficulty, if a soldier requires time off for religious beliefs they will be given extra tuition for the teaching periods missed, concessions will also be made if a soldier wears headdress as part of their religion with time given before and after an event such as firing on a range where they must wear a helmet for safety reasons.

Before all students arrive at the training wing they must be at a set standard as directed by the RLC which will include being at the right basic skills level for the course and at the right fitness level they are also required to carry out an initial assessment on the first day of the course to see what standard the students are at, if the student gets low marks on some of the subjects covered they might be placed as an at risk student which means they may require additional tuition during the course but this information is kept between the instructors and the student involved with constant updates being given throughout the course. Whilst the training sessions are laid down the instructors will adapt the lesson so the students understand the subject by involving them in group discussions and are encouraged to ask any questions throughout the lessons.

(1.3) In my role as an instructor I am responsible for the day to day running of the training wing and am solely responsible for certain lessons such as Military Discipline, Health & Safety and Tactics which involves keeping up to date with all the relevant legislation and the upkeep of the classrooms. I also coach and mentor the Junior Non Commissioned Officers in all the CLM lessons which involves evaluating them during lessons to ensure the subjects are being taught correctly and in line with the RLC’s policy.

(1.4) In my role regarding identifying and meeting the needs of the learners I take great care in seeing what sort of standard they are at when they first arrive on the courses by interviewing each student after they have carried out their initial assessments and asking them if they require any additional support during the course and what expectations that they may have regarding me as there instructor. If I feel that the student is going to struggle as their assessments were not up to the standards required during the course they are informed that they are an at risk student but does not affect them in any way if there standard improves and will be given regular evaluations and updates on their performance.

2. Understanding the relationship between teachers and other professionals in lifelong learning.

(2.1) Some of the boundaries I face as an instructor in the Military are maintaining a professional relationship due to other instructors having a different outlook on a subject or not doing enough research, at times the Military seem to want a subject taught even if the instructor is not qualified which puts more demands on them.

(2.2)Some of the areas of referral we use for the learners are met by having all the correct equipment available during any period of teaching with no time restrictions placed, all learners are given clear guidelines and targets that will need to be met.

(2.3)In my role I have certain responsibilities regarding the relationship with other members of the training team and also do all correspondence with other outside agencies that are with our evaluating area such as keeping all internal evaluations are kept up to date with the current policies and keep are lessons up to date and accurate. I am also responsible for maintaining and evaluating all learner feedback and amending lessons that the students feel need changing this is a long process as I need lessons checked by the Training and development team before I can use them.

3.Understand own responsibilities for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment.

(3.1)When maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment this will ultimately depend on the type of lesson being taught but classroom layouts will change depending on the needs of the learners, all lessons are kept short or are broken down so the learners have regular breaks so not to lose concentration. We also do a lot of interacting within the groups to make the learner feel that are giving input to the lessons. In regards to the Health & safety of the learners all classrooms are laid out as per the HSE’s guidelines with all lighting, seating and blackout blinds fitted all classrooms have fixed projectors and whiteboards for interaction with mobile whiteboards for learners when they are broken down into smaller groups. A brief is given at the start of each course to ensure the learner understands that the instructors are to help and should be approached if they feel something is wrong.

(3.2)To promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others I impose certain ground rules at the start of each course so the learners understand what is expected of them during the course. They are brief on all Health & Safety regulations what to do and were to go in case of a fire, that no anti-social behaviour or offensive language will be tolerated and they must be punctual so not to waste the teacher’s time or the other learner’s time and to ensure they don’t interrupt during the lesson if someone else is speaking. They are briefed on classroom etiquette by ensuring the classrooms are left clean and tidy at all times and all mobile phone are turned off our on silent unless a learned has an important call to make then they are asked to leave the room. All learners are briefed to have the upper most respect for all other learners and teachers throughout the course.

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